How to motivate a person?

Books, films, successful people nearby do not help …

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  1. Stock to what? Starting on “generally” or for someone else’s goal is a difficult task. What does the person want? Or at least what does not want? Motivation turns on when a person has an attractive goal. Moreover, for him, and not for some other people, even if authoritative. The same can be said about books, films and successful people, alas. If you do not even want anything and does not even want to – to specialists. First, to the doctors, then, if doctors say that this is not their case, to psychologists.

  2. Send or advise you to go to a psychologist/psychotherapist. It is possible that a person has apathy, depression, psycho -trauma long -standing, which finished off his mental state. A man can be captured by his fears, uncertainty and fatigue, and you are films, books and successful people, against the background of which he feels even more flawed

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