How to make targeted advertising on Instagram?

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  1. It is not difficult to start advertising, it is important to create an audience correctly, give it for several minutes, without even stringing the interests of people in the Central Administration, then select the region, you can choose a certain point and indicate the radius in km, usually I choose 5 km, a maximum of 10. It is more difficult to create creatives and track the effectiveness of advertising, therefore, people often prefer to pay for advertising conduct a full analysis before launching advertising.

  2. Making targeted advertising on Instagram is not so difficult. After all, developers are specially trying to simplify the interface of the user’s advertising office. So if you have an Instagram and Facebook account, everything is simple. Just in case, I remind you that Instagram was purchased by Facebook. So you will have to set up advertising through Facebook. Yes, and the adjustment of advertising itself is not very different from how to act in FB. Why start advertising, as I said above, to start and configure an advertising campaign on Instagram, you need an attached account on FB. Binding of an account is an easy task. Next, it is required to create the so -called advertising account in the advertising manager of Facebook. Following the launch of advertising, carefully think through the content, how and how quickly to respond to customers, which metrics are considered the main ones. Next we start working in ADS Manager Manager. In ADS Manager you have more choice of advertising goals. Directly through Instagram, the network will only launch the creative of disabilities. Yes, and the statistics are so difficult to lead. Now you can talk directly about the adjustment of advertising. First you need to create an ad. You need to indicate the goals of advertising. What advertising goals are better to use controversy; generation of leads; involvement; traffic. Choose what you need, and move on. We notice that further actions are partly dependent on the choice of the goal. Therefore, I will further consider that we have chosen as the goal of “conversion.” If the goal is that the conversion will need to indicate a specific page, if the FB will be considered target. At this stage, it will have to be trained with the code. Of course, the code will have to be added to the site. I hope that this does not bother you. What can be configured in targeting, the city and the area of ​​advertising, you can configure the audience, that is, age, gender and social status. Of course, you can choose the language of advertising. Suddenly you decided to make an advertisement in the Yiddish? At the last stage, you can choose a budget and schedule of shows. Here, I think, everything is clear. But just in case: to improve your profile and increase the effectiveness of advertising, be sure to use the multi -lifts (they will allow you to insert more links, quickly answer the client, accept applications and launch shares). I think it will be useful for you to read about what experienced advertising professionals think about target and multi-liners. That’s it about this and you need to do targeted advertising on Instagram. I wish you good luck with advertising settings.

  3. Depends on what your goal is. Do you want to promote your profile or do you want to get traffic to your site? If you want to advance your page, then pre -prepare content in your profile. In the description, clearly and thesis, describe what your blog about, work on the visual (it is not necessary to use creative templates, it is enough for the photo to be high -quality and in a single style), regularly publish posts and go into the story. How to lead the profile on Instagram can be talked for a long time; This is worthy of a separate question. But the essence here is one: the profile should be prepared before launching an advertising campaign in order to interest users. The same applies to the promotion of your site through Instagram. First prepare the landing page, think through its content and only then start advertising. There are 2 formats for advertising on Instagram: promotion of a rectification in Storiz. You can launch advertising either through the application itself, or through ADS Manager (an advertising office on Facebook). In ADS Manager, you can perform more complex and thin settings of your future advertising campaign. Well, then act, as when starting any other targeted advertising: formulate an offfer, create an ad, prepare a banner or video, make an audience settings, select a payment method (clicking or for viewing), set a bet and start advertising. /B tests. Launch several ads for a small budget and track the results. Diabage the most ineffective ads; Direct the rest of the advertising budget to more effective ones. And it will also be great if you connect the through analytics service. With its help, you can track not only statistics on transitions, subscriptions and so on, but also analyze how advertising on Instagram affects your sales.

  4. I’ll tell you how to attract much more subscribers and customers for the same money with the help of Target, increasing the conversion. It is known that it is easier for people to go to where they see other people. For example, if you want to go to the coffee shop, most likely you will go to the one where the cash desk is standing than to the one where there is no one. So on Instagram. People are more willingly in contact with high activity profiles under publications (likes, views and comments). You can increase activity and conversion with the help of activity chats. These are chats in Telegram, where other Instagram users are united to help each other promote publications: write comments and like likes. You can ask other chat participants to write comments like: “Where to buy? How much does it cost?” And so on, to make it easier for your potential client to get in contact with you. Also, if you are a blogger, you can simply ask your publications so that your new subscribers see your activity in your profile, and more willingly subscribe. There are not so many good chats now, so I will leave you the links to those that we use yourself: @Toptoptoptop11 and @topnonstopp in telegram. We hope that you, like many other Instagram entrepreneurs, increase the conversion to subscribers and sales using these chats of activity 🙂

  5. Instagram targeting can be used for all business accounts. Make sure that you have just like this or transfer an account from a personal to business in the settings. There are two ways to launch targeted advertising on Instagram: promoting posts from the profile or a full setting in the Facebook advertising office. Promotion of posts is easier for beginners: just click on the “promote publication” button, select several parameters and advertising will start. But the possibilities are seriously limited, and only those posts that have already been launched in the account can be promoted. This method is not suitable for promoting the site and any external resource. Use it if you want to get coverage for a specific publication, and to set up little time. Putting the advertising via facebook. The installation of targeted advertising on Instagram through the Facebook advertising cabinet is suitable for any purpose, attracting subscribers, increasing traffic to the site, selling goods from store. Advertising on Instagram Stories Advertising on Instagram Storis prepare a separate creative, vertical. It can be made in any graphic editor, or directly in the Instagram application – create Storis, how you always do it, but do not publish, but save the result on the phone. Reclamation of instagram bloggers can publish an advertising post or history. Unlike targeted advertising, the results of placing a blogger is more difficult to predict. About targeted advertising in simple language

  6. You can make targeted advertising on Instagram in two ways: through the Instagram application. Through the advertising room Facebook Ads.manager. To configure targeted advertising through the Instagram application, you must first change the status of your Instagram account from a personal to a business account. You can do this in the account settings. After changing the status of an account, detailed statistics on your subscribers will be available to you. Now that you have a business account, you need to tie a page on Facebook to your Instagram account. If there are no pages, then Instagram will offer it to create. Now go to the page of your profile on Instagram in the application. Under the description of the account, the “promote” button is available to you. Click on this button, go to the mini advertising cabinet on Instagram. Here you can choose a publication for promotion, determine the settings of targeting (age, gender of the audience, interests, geography – where the audience lives or is), determine the budget that you want to spend on advertising on the day and the number of days of the advertising campaign. When the settings are selected, proceed to sending advertising for moderation. Now Instagram will ask you to bind your card to the account, so that later the social network can write off its advertising costs. After binding the card, you can send an ad for moderation, and after moderation, your advertisement will be shown to subscribers of a social network. Advertising setting through ADS.Manager Facebook is more difficult, but gives more targeting opportunities (more accurate targeting), as well as the possibilities for analyzing statistics. Advertising through an advertising room is a topic for a large article.

  7. First of all, you need to decide what is the purpose of the advertising. What buttons to press on it. If the goal is subscribers, then the “promote” buttons in your Insta account may be enough. If more professional goals, then you need to start a business manager and adapt the FB page with an industry. In the FB advertising room there is the opportunity to maintain the base of those who were in your profile, wrote in PM and Likal. And then in advertising to look for people similar to them. In the FB advertising office, you can target on Instagram but at the same time choose different ways of buying advertising (lids generation, viewing, video, conversions, traffic).

  8. It is quite difficult to make targeted advertising on Instagram. First of all, you need to understand your audience. Know her needs, expectations, tastes and addictions. If you know what your tsa awaits, you can start creating an advertisement. By the way, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of advertising exchanges on Instagram. All worthy services are collected here. You can choose a suitable one, guided by the review of specialists. The recording of advertising begins with the selection of the best photos. If you advertise any product, it is best to shoot it in a living environment. Sometimes I see an advertisement for some product on a white background-this is ugly. It is better to remove the advertised product in the hands of the one who uses it. For example, if this is a motorcycle, remove the advertising video. In it you can show how to steeply control this model of a motorcycle. If it is a kitchen cobine – show the process of cooking. Similarly with photographs. It is very important that the photos are “alive”. After all, this is Instagram. Do not forget about quality. You need to choose only the most successful photos for advertising. If necessary, you can use photoshop to process photos. Take all the extra from the frame. Random people or random objects. There should not be anything superfluous in targeted advertising. For advertising, you need to write a beautiful selling text. It is very important that the text is easy to read. Order the writing of the text only with the best specialists. It is important to use keywords in the text that will fall exactly in the target audience. The text must definitely indicate why this product is better than others. Describe all its advantages. It is important to focus only on real advantages. No need to write abstract phrases and add a lot of epithets to the text. We need specifics. For example, you do not need to describe the subject as follows: “The best kettle in the world.” It is better to bring in the text its characteristics and tell the reader of advertising that this kettle boils water in just 2 minutes. And this is a record among other dummies in this price category. In addition, readers need to be hooked with specific facts. This is called “Selling Text”. I will not talk about various marketing techniques here. For example, in the future, an advertising campaign will have to be analyzed. The collected data will make it clear what needs to be corrected.

  9. In order to make high -quality advertising on Instagram, you should adhere to a number of basic rules that will help make it effective: determine the segments of your audience. It is advisable to make separate portraits on them, because This will help you when setting up targeting in the audience. Work the pain and needs of the audience and use them in the text of the ad. Thanks to this, your advertisements can be more personalized in relation to each segment. Inject the best-selling goods or service for each segment of the audience for advertisements to give the audience what they want. Case various formats of ads-carousel, pro-post , advertising in storis. Case various payment formats for advertising – for targeted action, for click, for showing, etc. Place the best tactics and strategies.

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