How to make money on copywriting?

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  1. I agree with the previous speaker – to start the freelance exchange is good and it is important to master the demanded and well -paid types of texts to earn. Also, you can attract customers by offering your articles on the topic of copywriting in marketing publics or in specialized online media. From there, by reference to your site/profile, customers come on social networks and gradually you become a famous specialist (that is, you can increase the cost of your services). What is a more difficult option that helps to form a database of customers – maintaining your own blog or public. When you regularly post your articles about copywriting or near -production, and public subscribers gradually ripen for purchase. You can dial subscribers both from the articles posted in online media (as mentioned above) and with the help of paid advertising on social networks. I still use my personal profiles on VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram, even students for learning for landing texts I recruit through there – very cool thing, though dependence on social networks is developing))

  2. There are many ways: content exchanges. There are the lowest rates like 50 USD for 1000 characters. As a rule, customers there place the need for materials for filling sites with SEO optimization. Sometimes articles in blogs come across. The work there is ungrateful: to earn sane money, you will have to work a lot. It may come at the stage of set of first experience and the first portfolio, then I do not recommend contacting exchanges. Examples:,, Freelance Birgi. There are sites where companies place projects and look for performers. Unlike copywriting exchanges, orders are also placed on other areas: for example, development or design. There the situation is better, and you can earn. But orders from there also often do not bring a lot of money. Examples:, of customers in thematic communities in social networks. There are most often placed orders when a really professional performer is needed. Money offers the appropriate. There are a lot of public and channels: it is enough to introduce the words “freelance” or “remote” in the search on Facebook, VK or Telegram. For example, here in my article you can find a selection of Telegram channels with such vacancies, here – profile groups on Facebook. Plus I personally share my knowledge from this sphere on my course “Copywriting with a high budget”. There I tell you where to look for orders and how to make the work with a copywriter bring a good income.

  3. It depends on the three factors: what to write to write who I think that it is best to make money on copywriting, to be a customer for yourself and write texts for your own campaigns in affiliate marketing. For landing or even for one good creative, you can get a couple of hundred dollars and not worry about where to find customers. In affiliate marketing, the search for customers is not at all as a task. Now I will share my experience a bit. In affiliate marketing, you need to promote the advertisement of the advertiser on the Internet, for clicks, download, registration and purchase of users, you are accrued by commission. Here, the copywriter has advantages and interesting opportunities, I myself used to be engaged in SMM, I have not yet understood how to earn more. You can create selling texts in social networks, make ads, landing, and the user reactions will mean more than likes – they will be monetized. This is much more interesting! Here is the task of attracting as many people as possible to the text and thereby get more reactions that become paid leads. The offers from interesting advertisers are concentrated on partner networks. They also provide support in any issues, many tools for successful actions. Well, an important point – payments are automated and earnings can be quickly withdrawn to your account, everything is safe and on time. You can promote a variety of goods or services, for example, home goods, clothes, training courses, draws, financial services. You can learn in more detail about how it works and even partially learn from this material.

  4. In addition to standard tips as an exchange of copywriters, google services and other services for finding a part-time job will give advice-look for a web studio, SEO-optimizers and offer them your services. In these firms, there is always a need for good, unique and fast texts. You will also regret that you are contacting, so pouring work =))

  5. Good texts are far from the last thing for any business in the DJing space. They help to profitably present the product, work out the pain of the client, answer questions and bring to conversion. For example, as part of email marketing, copywriting has the following rules and features: conciseness and simplicity. This rule concerns in principle of all communication in the modern world. Learn to speak simply in the case, avoid long offers and complex designs. The account is on the benefit. Any of your message should be useful for the recipient. It is this rule that underlies the good openness and readability of letters. At the same time, in the mailing list, the benefit can be expressed not only by discounts and promotions, but also in the form of interesting information. Visual attractiveness. Fabrices of the text, few people want to read, but if you add pictures, marked lists, headlines and other elements to them – living and breathing immediately becomes easier. Do not neglect the design, at the sight of a letter of the eyes should be exceptionally rejoiced. Initence and interest. The meaning of your message should easily be read and responded to the reader. After all, high -quality text and good design will not help much if you write about the chemical composition of nail polish to a person who is much more interested in learning about the palette of fashionable shades for the summer 2021. The pride for action. The text of the message should motivate contact you or approve your expertise in some topic. Do not forget to use calls for action: buy, see, learn more, contact the manager, write, call other verbs. The chances of the conversion are instantly increasing! In general, these are quite basic rules applicable to copywriting and in any other marketing industry.

  6. I myself have been working copywriters for five years. Last year, copywriting has become for me the only earnings. I pay taxes as self -employed. It is very convenient. I work 5 hours a day seven days a week. I am satisfied with a similar schedule. I recommend that you choose one of the copywriting exchanges for yourself. Now let’s talk about how to earn on copywriting. What start to start, register on any freelance exchange or copywriting exchange. Fill your portfolio. Indicate the best examples of work, tell us about your competencies. Experience will also not hurt to give work. If you filled out the portfolio, you can start looking for orders. By the way, finding the freelance exchange is quite simple. In Google, enter the request “Freelance Exchange”. You can choose a few to provide yourself with a quick job search. If you have extra money, you can buy yourself business tariffs on exchanges. They give additional bonuses when searching for work. This does not mean that the employer will pay attention, you use a paid tariff or free. In fact, the customer does not care about it. It’s just that there are a lot of restrictions on the search in the order tape. So it is better to use a paid tariff. At first, you cannot claim highly paid orders. You will have to work at low prices. I hope that you will not be embarrassed. After all, everyone started with something. The first money for example, I myself started with 250-300 USD per hour. This is quite a little money. Now I work for 500-1000 USD per hour. This is growth – in just six months. After all, I took seriously copywriting only a year ago. Of course, I had some skills. I loved to write stories in my youth. In addition, five years ago I worked as a copywriter for several months and managed to get 8 positive reviews on the main exchange. Therefore, at the start it was easier for me to find customers. I can not even dream that this answer was able to fully answer your question! But I really tried to state the main thing in the answer. Perhaps I forgot something, because the format does not allow me to give an exhaustive answer. In any case, I wish you all the best! If you disagree with me and want to express your point of view, leave the comments under the answer!

  7. Do not buy any courses, books. Infocegans are trying to convince that copywriting is as complicated as rocket arrangements, that you should know and understand: the only thing customers love is if the articles they bought in the top of search engines. If the article is in the top, it brings money. Speech systems let only the most detailed and specific articles into the TOP. They spit on artistic value, metaphors and beautiful turns. Even commas can be placed as you like, they don’t care. It is only necessary for the full disclosure of the topic. The task is to make sure that the text does not like some figurative reader there, but to the search engine. Just collect material from all possible resources: forums, other sites, social networks, English -speaking projects. Then comprehend everything that you received and tell everything in your own words. If your text turns out to be more complete than that of a competitor, it will fall into the top. Circular copywriting is a mixture of drive and meat drive (facts). Everything else, including literary abstracts – husk.

  8. Making on copywriting is very simple. Judge for yourself. You don’t need to look for work for months, then still go through the trial period, you do not need to report to the superiors for each step. To start working as a copywriter, just sit down near the computer, turn it on, wait until Windows loads and start a brazier. In the “Google” search engine, enter the “Exchange Freelance” request and select any exchange from the TOP-3. The exchange will need to be registered. Next, you must fill out the profile, tell about your work experience, give links to the best work. After this you can start finding work. Of course, at the initial stage you cannot find orders with a good price tag. The first six months will have to earn reviews. But then everything will go more vigorously. You collect 10-15 reviews and find a good customer who will pay you normal money. I, for example, earn from 500 to 1000 dollars an hour. These are quite a price of an average programmer. So copywriting has its own prospects. I hope that my answer was able to help you. I tried to state the essence. If you want to ask something or express your point of view, leave comments under the answer!

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