How to look at the closed profile on Instagram without a subscription request?

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  1. We wrote an article on this topic last year. This bug is closed now or not – not checked. The bottom line is that (nevertheless) you need someone’s account, which is signed on a private (absurd, of course), opens a page with the publication code in the browser and shaving it-it is not hidden. How to do this without a subscription is unknown. Moreover, it was stated that all Storis was available for all the time of publications, even those that have already ended.

  2. Responsibles of Mikhailichenko, this issue is not possible with all the Supervisor Instagram in detail (if you manage to do this, you are unlikely to spend this opportunity to see what a person is postponing) Any “services” promise to show what is in a closed account of a great risk For you. They usually ask to enter the login and password from your Instagram of the account, which can lead to the “hijacking” of your accountant, a simple way to make a subscription and wait for approval, since Instagram does not have a rule that a person can have only one account, then You can well create many different accounts and any of the requests will be accepted

  3. Hello. Unfortunately, this is impossible to do. In this case, you need to send a request and wait for its approval. But there is a small trick and you can write to the directed profile. To do this, being in the account of interest to you, in the upper right corner we press three points and select “Send the message”. The message will definitely reach the addressee.

  4. Good time. You can see the contents of the closed instagram profile if we are confirmed. Without registration or without subscribing to it, it is impossible to see publications. How can this restriction get around? There are several ways: to find links to publications in other social networks or on sites. If a person has imports, for example, Facebook, photos will be displayed on his page; view the activity of a person’s subscribers. You can see who the people on whom you are signed are like. If among them there is a subscriber of the right user who puts the marks “I like” the profile that is closed for you, you will see these posts you like; ask to see publications through the user account, whose application has confirmed. If you have a user whose page is closed, there are common acquaintances, they can help you; view everything interesting, from the second account. You can try to create a fake account using a virtual phone number. This will retain your anonymity, and will access all profile publications.

  5. The programs are still not, as I know. There are several options, as you can do it. If the person you want to see, you have to have a relative or acquaintance of your friends, you can ask them to show the page of the person you are interested in if they are signed on him. In this case, you still have to subscribe to the profile, but no one will know that it is you.

  6. Buddy, create an acount of the left download of photos 5 (no matter what) subscribe to 30-40 people .. Wait for mutual subscription at least 20-30, so that your acount does not seem raw, and make it a closed acount), by the way You need to subscribe to the girl, put an avatar of a pretty guy or on a turn.
    Subscribe to whom I wanted from closed profiles .. I think another person will be interested in adding you and subscribe to you, it will even be legal

  7. There is a simple solution. If you want to view the closed profile without betraying yourself. Make the following: 1.) Create a new instagram profile. 2.) Make it (add photos, description and several publications) .3.) Take a small number of subscribers. 4.) Create an image of a living person, make your profile active. 5. ) Subscribe to a person with a closed profile. The main thing is that, it is absolutely legal, it does not cause problems, and you can use the fake more than once! P.S if you know this person, it is better to add friends from his environment, so you will create more More trust. Respect, Veronica.

  8. Once I have been looking for an answer to this question for a long time … The answer is that no such programs exist. If something like this comes into the Internet, you can doubt, this is another virus. But do not despair, there are two options to see the hidden photos all the same. First. If a person with a closed profile in an instance account is associated with other social. networks, then we can hope that he wants to share a fresh photo, automatically sending it to the wall, for example, in the same VK. This, by the way, happens relatively often. Essential. Take a fake account. Create left mail, and then the left page on Instagram -> Add some one photo with the look that this is an advertising profile (if it is boring, add more. Only on the topic) -> For the view that you came here not for one sake The folleys are folovy of 200-500 random people and sign up to the one who is interesting to you-> a little is waiting for the approval of the subscription.profit!

  9. I don’t know, maybe this happened only with me, but … Once they hacked me on Instagram, changed Nick, I barely restored access to my dear account. While I was restoring access, I will tell a couple of facts:
    1. My account was closed. Moreover, the day before this action (by some miracle without my permission) was signed by a certain account, with a nickname reminiscent … Read more

  10. This is not possible, at least ordinary users. Actually, this is the whole point. If a person filters people who want to subscribe to him, then he has reasons for this. Interesting? Subscribe. Do you want to subscribe? Then it makes no sense to watch publications.
    P.S. I think this survey is relevant for couples, which have a crisis in a relationship))) try to follow … Read more

  11. Instagram has an excellent security system and, if you decide to hack someone’s profile or change the privacy settings, you will have to make a lot of efforts and, most likely, you will be disappointed. In this social network, people are divided into 2 types: with open profiles and closed. The former do not hide the exhibited photos, put likes to everyone, write a lot of hashtags … Read more

  12. The DADMIN BASEEXE is responding to the closed profile, unfortunately, is unrealistic without a subscription request.
    Do not believe any programs and sorrower – now there are no such programs.
    If you really want to see a closed profile, without finding yourself – you can buy an alien Instagram account (cost from 5 to 100 rubles on average) and send a subscription request from it. In this … Read more

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