How to learn copywriting from scratch?

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  1. You must first master the base. The information style is in demand, so Ilyakhov’s books are required to read. Also, Gal and Kaplunov will not hurt to read. Although for starters enough Ilyakhov is enough. You can apply the acquired knowledge on any exchange. Yes, wages are low, but so you can collect a decent portfolio and fill your hand. Then there will be an opportunity to find a job on HH and even get a job in the state marketing agency. The main thing is not to stop there. Information style is only the beginning. It is also important to learn how to write selling texts. Literature and online courses will come to the rescue.

  2. Do not try to write about everything at once. You can, for starters, try to write an information text, advertising or text for a landing rush or letters. See what you like better. Then you can study on books on your own, but faster and more successful among practitioners-copialists engaged in training. The main thing is that they are practitioners, and not retell someone else’s information. It is good when there is a check of d/s with feedback. Next, only a set of own experience in practice. Counting immediately on … “How I will write gorgeous” – not worth it – it comes only with experience.

  3. Experts say: practice, practice and practice again! It is necessary to constantly create new texts. If they learn from scratch, then attention should be paid to the constructive and style design of their text. *** In the design, you need to adhere to some design of the presentation, for example: background (you can start with any example On the topic of the article, to tell “where it all started”). The main issues of the article (to indicate what they would like to explain, comment on). Fores and decisions (explanatory part in which they report why it is necessary to read this article is the most useful). Prospects, forecasts or announcements of future publications (some authors, to increase the solidity of the text, explain after questions and answers how now it is now happy to live with this knowledge).*5. You can limit your text with 4 above points, but some copywriters at the very end of the article add some surprise: riddle, humor, rhetorical question. Something short and original, as a rule, positive – this addition motivates to like, evaluate the text. *** Style design – beginners with a style often have problems, most write as they are used to talking, so the first recommendation is to improve quality your technique of public speeches. Receptions that can be applied: the main rule: the text written by the newcomer should take place, sequentially, at least three leaves. After writing the text, you need to retell it to the recorder and check which presentation liked it more. Perhaps the author will retell his text better than it is written, then you need to try to rewrite it all over. It is necessary to pay attention to the reason for this phenomenon, perhaps the author experiences psychological depression when writing a text, and with colloquial speech there is no such state. In this case, you can always dictate theses at first, and then recreate the material in the text. Nobody recommends a newcomer to copy the style of famous authors you like, but I am against this technique, although I know that in the global sense many of us unconsciously copy someone. I recommend that the authors always try to bring their individual characteristics in style and meaning to the texts. If there are colleagues and friends who can read before the publication and, even after, the texts of the author, then you must definitely attract them to such expert work – let them say that they liked it And, what I did not like in the presentation. *** Here, this turned out to be a mini-cost. Other copywriting materials can be read on the channel “Information Law in Society”. October 10, 2018 Author: Sergey Demeshin.

  4. If we are talking about creating articles, then you can read books on journalism and apply techniques from them. If you are talking about texts for social networks, then books for each individual social network (each has specifics). If we are talking about selling texts, then books on copywriting. It is important to practice, it is advisable to write every day and edit your texts, just to develop a skill. There are also courses – a faster way of learning, with smaller “cones”, because the coach rules your mistakes and explains why these are mistakes. For grinding the skill, you can still read copywriting blogs, but I recommend starting from books or courses, there the system is given, not individual fiche.

  5. Here are a few practical recommendations: books. There are a bunch of books that will help to pump a writer’s skill. For example, two popular and relevant: “Write, reduce” M. Ilyakhova and L. Sarycheva, “author, scissors, paper” by N. Kononov. Tematic portals. There are resources where useful articles are published on copywriting, marketing, advertising and other related areas. For example, this is Cossa and the blog of Texterra. Summing. You can independently study and analyze materials on information and news sites. Among the steep jellyfish, t – sales courses. The fastest way to learn something is to undergo training with specialists. Moreover, it is best to take courses from practitioners of copywriters, journalists and marketers, because they will definitely be able to oriented according to current formats, methods of searching for work and, most importantly, they will teach you how to make good money on texts. As an option – I am leading an online course “Copywriting with a high budget”. The program has homework, publications on various resources, creating the first portfolio. Students from past flows work successfully, write cool texts and earn.

  6. First, it would be nice to decide what you want to write about. Universal copywriters, so that they do not speak, does not happen. Someone writes well as telling texts, someone corrupt, and someone is technical. Plus, the theme is of great importance – write about machines, or write about medications completely different things. Having determined for yourself the type of text and convenient for writing themes, it’s time to see the rules for writing content on the Internet, it will be enough to make a small plan for yourself and adhere to it. Perhaps it will be more convenient for you to rewrite the text in your own words, that is, to rewrit, this is also a very popular service and it’s easier to learn with it

  7. To learn how to write, it doesn’t matter that books, texts, poems, firstly, you need to read a lot of texts/books/poems, and secondly, write a lot. Nice from Maxim Ilyakhov’s books “Write Reduce”, William Zinser “How to write good ”, Nora Gal“ The Word is Living and Dead ”and, most importantly, read more than the type of texts that you are going to write. Wow write cases? Read many cases, analyze them, note what you like, what the audience comes in, analyze and learn other’s. And do the same with other formats. We have checked the techniques – implement them in practice. Write your case, try to publish it somewhere, look at the audience’s reaction. If you do this systematically by writing 10-15 cases/articles per 1000 signs, you will understand or not do it, whether you have a desire to develop further. Or you can go easier and go through copywriting courses and become a certified specialist.

  8. In order to learn copywriting from scratch, it is necessary, first of all, to read a lot of good texts and books on copywriting. Start with the books of Denis Kaplunov, Maxim Ilyakhov and Dmitry Kot. Having set a goal – to “learn copywriting”, you need to understand why this skill is for and what texts do you plan to write for what purposes. For example, you need a marketer and copywriting as an additional skill, or do you want to change your profession and start earning on the Internet? Do you want to write long articles or well -aimed advertisements, engage in storitelling or write products of products? If you want to quickly learn how to write selling texts and earn on this skill, then do not lose time! Sign up for a good copywriting course in one of the leading online schools. Here, for 3-4 months of training, you will receive as much knowledge as you will not collect, reading articles and answers on the Internet and for 5 years. And, of course, a good copywriter is a practitioner. Learn, find out new working tools, and immediately put them in practice. And even if you do not have customers who are ready to pay, make texts for your projects, write an ad for your friends and relatives. Use any opportunity to practice in a new professional direction. Good luck!

  9. To learn copywriting from scratch, you need to really want this. Do not quit writing after the first failures – with each new text you will be better and better. It is better to start on the copywriting exchanges, you will get the necessary practice there. I will read professional literature and develop. As for copywriting in social networks, I can offer my sales training through VKontakte. Meet: a galaxy of selling texts.

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