How to increase site attendance?

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  1. It all depends on the niche and goals – why do you need attendance. We have already talked on the site where to take traffic. In general, all ways to increase the site’s attendance can be divided into four large groups: SEO. This is the optimization of the site in search engines. Gather a semantic core, set up indexation, make a site map, internal transmission and much more. As a result, the site appears in the top issuing search engines for some requests. The more such requests will be, the more traffic you will receive. Advertising. You can increase the attendance of the site with any advertising-at least contextual, even targeted, at least advertising in push notifications. The more money you spend, the more traffic you get. Although the effectiveness of advertising also depends on the ability to configure it. Social media. Turn the company groups on social networks, attract subscribers there, and they partially go to the site. True, it is unprofitable to promote the resource in social networks in social networks – they are more likely used as an additional way to increase attendance or sell goods. Links on external resources. Everything belongs to this. For example, the placement of materials with links on visited resources of the Pikabu or VC type. Publication on niche trust sites, crowd marketing, placement of links on forums and services of questions-answers. You need to choose methods of increasing attendance, starting from the niche. For example, if you have an information site that is monetized by advertising, spending a lot of money on it is unprofitable, it is better to pay attention to SEO. And if you sell any goods, you can run advertising campaigns and engage in external content marketing to increase the brand recognition. In any case, the main thing is that the investments pay off and the site makes a profit. To do this, it is important to choose the optimal way of monetization – for example, connect the site to affiliate programs and earn on attracting customers to advertisers.

  2. I know several ways:

    – regularly write high -quality articles on topics that are relevant to readers in your topic (find out what people ask for Google on your topic and what to write about, you can enter the name of your topic and other thematic phrases) and study the bases of SEO, then over time the site can get to the first page of Google’s issuance and people will see him, but may not get, depends on the topic and concurrent

    – Use PR methododes, for example, write articles in specialized media or guest posts in blogs of your colleagues with reference to your site

    – invest money in advertising and then visitors will depend on the amount of money invested, the more money, the more chances to make the site to the visited

    But here another question arises, it is not enough to increase the attendance of the site, it is important that it solves the tasks that are set for it, for example, selling your product and it is worth taking care of this to the start of promotion.

  3. In order to increase the attendance of the site, it is necessary to determine the main sources of traffic and work with them.

    Main sources of traffic: Search systems for PPC, PPV, retargeting and other Popular Partner Programs of Merchals and PUSH traffic, catalogs, ratings on third-party resources
    After determining the main sources of traffic, it is necessary to develop a strategy for working with each of them relying on resources (monetary and personnel).
    Often, a comply approach to attracting traffic gives a powerful effect of synergy.​
    Thus, paid reclamation will increase in a shorter time to show the search engine that your site has a good indicator of behavioral factors (if the site is good), which will entail faster results in the traffic from search engines (SEO). E-mail newsletters, partnerships and so on are also working. All paid and labor-cost advertising in one way or another positively affects the conversion inside the site, as well as related conditionally-dependent traffic channels.

    Based on the effect of synergy, as well as from the fact that the presence of as many canals as possible to attract traffic to a greater extent guarantees stability (one channel fell off, but five more for example), it is extremely recommended to develop several sources of traffic at once.

  4. I can invite you to use Inbound marketing, it is also incoming marketing. That is, do not try to everyone, everywhere and always sell, but focus on useful content. Write useful content on your topic, place it on the site, shame the articles in social networks, in the newsletter, but at least here, give links to articles, if it is appropriate. An example for clarity. Suppose you sell cat food. You can give paid advertising everywhere and spend a cloud of money to bring users to the site and convert it to buyers. If you choose the incoming marketing, you will publish on the website of the article “How to choose a cat cat’s cat”, “how to choose a cat for a cat over 15 years old”, “how to feed a midge after sterilization”, and already in these articles to put forms for ordering and in these articles Buying feed. Cotles will be willing to share useful content, and many will probably make your site into bookmarks. So, such content will bring customers for many years. Accordingly, the attendance of the site, moreover, it is the target audience that will grow. And the likelihood that people will want to share your advertisement – well, as if about zero percent. Unless you make some kind of viral, and even then they can remember the advertisement, and the brand is not a fact.

  5. To increase traffic on the site, you need to work a lot with it. Contextual advertising is a relatively simple and understandable mechanism. If there is money, traffic is simply bought by a search promotion. A complex and very complex process stretched for months and years of continuous improvement of the resource. There is no way to buy traffic and there is no personal account with a chip. In this environment, the site improvement, work with external factors, and even some tricks can give a result – traffic. Social networks. Targeted advertising and promotion of communities. Here you can take a lot of visitors at a low price, but the conversion of this audience is several times lower than from the search. Paizer networks, residual traffic. These are various networks, news and other sites that can give millions of penny traffic. It is better not to talk about conversion. Although, it all depends on the subject of your business.

  6. There are several main channels for attracting traffic to the site. It all depends on the subject of your resource and the budget that you have 1. Content marketing. One of the key components for attracting and holding visitors on the site. You have high -quality content, you constantly update the information, follow the latest trends on your site, then the efforts attached to attract traffic will be justified. It is desirable that the site has a full -fledged blog in which you can publish interesting articles, tips, cases, attract visitors To the discussion of thematic materials. Regularly update the materials on your resource. If you have an article about Google Analytics for 2017, it’s time to rewrite it. You make reviews and comments on sites and forums on your subject (crowd marketing). For example, Google, Yandex, Mailru has such services with questions. Write the detailed answers, and do not just leave links to the site or product, otherwise you can be blocked. You can agree on placing your articles on specialized resources. If you are an expert in a certain area, try to lead your column on some thematic site. 2. Social media. Make accounts (official pages that will represent your business) on the most popular social platforms. In this case, you can also establish a partnership with similar pages. Conduct joint competitions, exchange content, notify your readers about the latest important news and just communicate. In this paragraph, there are also messengers who have recently been gaining more and large revolutions. Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp quite an effective tool to attract traffic and sales to your site. 3. Email mailings. This channel can bring a rather large share of traffic to the site. Place the subscription form on your website, place a survey to find out what information for your subscribers is most interesting. If you have an online store, be sure to collect and segment the database of your customers, this is the most loyal audience with which it is easiest to make contact through email mailings. 4. SEO optimization. Collect the semantic core for your site. Try to consider the main keys when writing articles and news. Ideally, you need to optimize each section of the site, you can contact a specialist for this or try it yourself. 5. Contextual advertising and thematic advertising on social networks. Probably one of the most effective channels, with proper tuning and targeting. This type of advertising is the most costly, but it can bring your site to the top positions in the search engine. Please note that if you decide to spend money on contextual advertising or advertising on Facebook, make sure that you are setting it up correctly, you can say this is 80% of success. And of course, your resource should contain everything you offer. If you put advertisements about books in English that you can buy from you, the product should be available in sufficient quantities. Otherwise, visitors will simply leave your site, without ordering anything (BOUNCE RATE) and the budget will be wasted. 6. Offline advertising. Probably not every business is suitable for this type of advertising, especially if these are expensive bigboards on the central streets. But still, indicate your site and pages in social networks on all printed products, be it flyer, booklets or business cards.

  7. There are many ways that can increase the attendance of the site. Collect the widest semantic core. Turn on all types of search queries there – not only HF, but also NP and MOST (how to do it correctly, it is written in detail here), make a competent structure of the site and begin to gradually work out the assembled keys. Use Key Collector or Slovoeb. These programs will allow you to automate and greatly facilitate the process of collecting keys. Send the key phrases reasonably. Think first of all about what words your audience will look for the information it you need. As for the semantics below, I will give ways to increase the attendance of the site internal and external content marketing, start a blog. But before that, make sure that it contains all the elements necessary for its development. Publish materials regularly. Preferably no less than 2 times a week. In the absence of results for one or even several months, do not stop, do not drop the speed. In order for blogging to be fruit, it will take some time. Just accept this as a fact. Write about what you really understand. And what really can be useful to your users.

  8. Without a quality SEO process, this is almost impossible to do. To do this, it is necessary to hire a competent SEO specialist and implement strategies to bring your site to the top issuance of Google and Google. Thus, you can increase both organic traffic (traffic coming from search engines) and referral (transitions to your site from other external resources). What you need to pay attention: internal optimization of the site (solving all the problems within the site itself. For example, for example. , the selection of keywords for its pages, setting up human-conventional URLs, optimization of the layout and loading of the site pages, etc.) external optimization (involves obtaining reverse links from other resources to your site. This includes buying links to authoritative sources, crowds Marketing, posting guest articles on blogs and any other methods for obtaining links to your site) Another important method for increasing attendance on the site is SMM process advertising on social networks, publishing posts in your Instagram, VK, Facebook, etc. communities. P.

  9. The easiest option for promoting young business on the Internet is context. It will make a quick start and attract the first customers as quickly as possible. For experts, the setting work will take 1-2 days. Next, you will only need to replenish the balance and the process will go. Funds will be written off as people visit your site. Contextual advertising blows: Fast launch (1-2 days). And you can start advertising your product or service. Do you pay by the CPC model (for a certain target action – a click on your ad). The way of choosing keywords and combinations for promotion. The best solution is the use of ads promoted according to medium -minor -frequency requests. Requests to 10,000 per month are considered medium-frequency. You can “catch up” with the people who came to you, but for some reason left the resource. Such a technique is called – retargeting. And if you are interested in the user, but just something distracted him, then he will definitely return to your website. Contextual advertising minuses: If you run out of money in the account, then the flow of customers will stop. The announcement will begin to appear again as soon as you replenish your wallet. Comrects. In particularly competitive environments, “squalling budgets” is common. A special form of competition. Competitors can specifically “roll over” your ads, attributing your funds for nothing .Seo -main difference from the context here in the absence of a quick result. The effect of such advancement can occur from 3 to 4 months. The process of “proving” by search robots of the authority of your resource is quite long. You need to generate unique content for your site (photo, video, texts), post the reference mass on other sites (this means that you are referred to), conduct the optimization of the site (download speed, how much time the user spends on the site and much more affects optimization level). But the effect of such events is simply amazing. Pros of using search engine optimization: you do not need large regular investments. The main spending will be the order of the content for the site or you generally write it yourself. Further promotion of content will be held by the system without your participation. This is a constant source of advertising. It is created once and will work on you in the future constantly and seven days a week. You know about cases when people sold first places in lines for new iPhone? So, if the positions of your site in the search results are close to the top -ends, then it can be very expensive to sell it. Minuses of use of search optimization: CEO process is long. It takes from 3-4 months or more. The delight to the region. You can get into the TOP only in a particular region that you will choose yourself. But, this can be bypassed. It is simply necessary to create sites for each region. If when working with the context, everything is clear – the success of the promotion depends on the competent elaboration of the offer for the target audience and the selection of creatives for their pain, then in the CEO there are no 100% working techniques. Everything needs to be tested. Therefore, I would like to share a life hack, which is used only by a small part of the specialists. What it is? This is any place on the network where you can place your content. Free Encyclopedias, Telegram and YouTube channels, Web 2.0 media outlets (various sites for publishing content: lifting sites, specialized forums, VKontakte groups, card services and many other sources interesting from the point of view of search engines. The rush is that you can indeed indistinguisize with absolutely any page. Search robots do not distinguish the VK group from the site, it is important for the algorithms that it is important. And it is not known that the system will consider the most suitable for the top of the search results. So, the output will leave its mark on all corners of the World Wide Web. There are cases when customers are known It is stable that an article that fell into the top of the issuance at the request of “reputation” is 7-8 years ago. And people come after reading it so far. The more content islands you create, the higher the likelihood of one of them in the TOP of the search results. Although the search results. , there is a probability of access to the TOP and several resources at once. The summary of the results of the above: what is the difference between SEO from K HE TREETHTENTING ADDITIONS? The difference between SEO and contextual advertising consists in implementation time. If you run the context in 1-2 days and get the result at once, then for search promotion you need several months. What to choose? Contextual advertising and CEO are not opponents. They are allies. One tool plays a long batch. He can bring customers and promote business without outside help and control, and the other will be able to provide the first customers to business right now and right here. Durability. Configured ads work effectively while you control their work and so far there is money in the account. Search optimization always works.

  10. The best way to increase the attendance of the site is to advance it in the top-10-5-3-1 search engines Google and Google. You can do this (try) yourself, or you can (you need to) turn to an experienced and competent SEO specialist. Depending on what your site you have, targeted advertisements on Instagram, Facebook, VK may also be suitable. By the way, it will not hurt to lead in all social networks of the group. Advertising in Google. Direct and Google AdWords may come. Here, too, you need to not lose, and it is better to contact a specialist to configure the campaign. Also, now the popular advertisement for bloggers on YouTube, Instagram, Telegram.

  11. There are quite a few ways, but all of them can be divided into paid (those where you buy traffic) and conditionally pay (those where you do not pay for the amount of traffic, but at the same time spend money on creating content/work of specialists, etc. ). For paid methods, advertising refers. Here are its main types: contextual. It is shown in the issuance of search engines and on the partner sites Google and Google. Targeted. It is placed in social networks. Here you can choose a specific audience that will see advertising. For example, women from 20 to 35 years old who have children up to a year. Reclamation of bloggers. The blogger places your company’s advertising in its content and sees it for the audience that is signed for it. And now a little about conditionally paying tools: SEO. This is a site promotion in search engines. Most often, SEO texts are used for this. That is, you post on your website the answer to the question of a potential client, and when he enters it into the search engine, he sees your site in the issuance and switches to it. The more user queries you cover, the higher the site’s attendance will be. Social networks. You can develop the company’s accounts on social networks, and then offer the audience to familiarize yourself with your site. Crasses-marketing. This is a native placement of links to your site on other resources. For example, on the forum, someone asked to advise a beauty salon in a certain area. And in the comments they recommend your company. You can attract an audience to your website. To do this, you need to answer questions as often as possible in your subject. The answers must be detailed, decorated and understandable. It is also important to fill out the profile so that the potential audience can find a link to your site. Guest posting. Articles and useful notes can be posted not only on your website, but also on other resources where there is your target audience. But in order to receive return, materials should be as high quality as those that you publish. The blog is also able to give traffic. Links to your site can be posted with an anchor inside the articles, plus it is openly published in the description of the Video content for a long time is one of the most popular. Therefore, if your videos are interested in watching, interested people will also come to your site. Outwardly salary tools, as a rule, are cheaper, but they do not immediately begin to bring back. For example, SEO begins to work only after 2-4 months, or even more. If you use paid methods, traffic can begin to be obtained almost immediately. But this is usually more expensive. It is best when tools from different groups mix among themselves. Then your site will go to your site a stable flow of traffic. And the content itself is still very vane, since if it is high -quality or viral, then they can begin to actively share it 🙂

  12. There are a lot of ways to increase the site’s attendance, and all of them can be divided into 5 large groups: 1. SEO-optimization. We talked in detail about it in a separate material on our website. This is the optimization of the site in search engines. Thanks to her, the resource goes to the top issuance for certain requests, and people begin to enter the site. The more positions you take, the more traffic you will receive. SEO in the future can bring very cheap traffic. Yes, every month you will have to pay for the work of the SEO specialist and authors who will create content. But every month you will receive more and more traffic, and the costs will remain the same. 2. Advertising. There are several types: contextual. This is when ads are shown directly in the search results and in the advertising networks of the Google and Google search engines. Targeted. This is the name of advertising on social networks, aimed at a certain audience – for example, at men at the age of 25-30 from Moscow, fond of hunting. Teaser, banner and other. This is an advertisement shown on different information sites. It is rarely used, because it is cheap, but it cannot be attracted to a specific audience as targeted or contextual. Advertising on other sites. It can be anything – posts in groups on VKontakte, integration with bloggers. All advertising is united by one feature: you will receive traffic while there is money. There will be no money – the flow of transitions to the site will also run out. 3. Content. This method of promotion includes attracting traffic by any content on third -party sites. For example, it can be: crowd marketing. Read more about it on our website in the article “16 reasons to do crowd marketing. How do crowders affect SEO?” This is the name of advisory comments with reference to the resource left on various forums and in discussions on social networks. External content marketing. This is when you publish materials with reference to your site on other sites. Content on the services of questions-answers. You can also use for promotion – we have projects on which the lion’s share of traffic comes from here. You answer user questions and suggest that they find out more in the material on the site. Promotion through content is similar to SEO. You do not get guaranteed results and pay for the fact of work, but at the same time you can attract very cheap traffic. And the results improve over time, because materials with links to your site remain forever. 4. Social networks. They can also become one of the main sources of traffic to the site, if you tightly engage in groups and communities in several social networks. You first collect a target audience there, and then offer it to switch to the resource to order something or read an interesting article on the blog. 5. Video content. YouTube can also bring target traffic on YouTube. You can record information videos on the topic and in the descriptions under them leave a link to the site, and in the video itself – call on to cross it. The amount of traffic will depend on the theme of the video: for example, there are “evergreen” niches in which people are constantly looking for answers to YouTube, watch videos and cross the links. And if you do similar content, you can get transitions from video hosting constantly. In fact, it is not so important what exactly the way to increase the attendance of the site you chose. The main thing is that traffic will turn into leads-it is necessary that people who go to your resource do not leave it, but buy something or leave applications for services. And so that everything is so, it is important to get rid of the mistakes that kill the conversion. We talked about them in detail in a separate video: 10 of the most common errors on the site that kill the conversion. Technical audit of the site

  13. To increase the attendance of the site, it is necessary: ​​to determine the channels of traffic (advertising, search engines, social networks, email or push mailings, etc.); determine which channel is most relevant for you, both in terms of conversion and budget, competition and labor costs ; after determining the source of traffic, it is necessary to find the contractor, determine its competence, set goals, determine the tasks, remove the results; analyze the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the resulting traffic and the costs of its increase, depending on the result of the result, change either the contractor or the channel of attracting traffic, or the traffic channel, or the traffic channel, or the traffic channel, or the traffic channel Increase the budget for promotion.

  14. There are many ways to increase the site traffic. Some of them: 1) fill the site with unique content. 2) regularly release new material. 3) to explore the market and implement innovations in a timely manner. 4) to analyze your competitors, to find new means of promotion. 5) Expand the semantic core. 6) Select the keys relevant to your target audience.

  15. Attraction of traffic consists of several factors in the complex: SEO. If the site is young, it is better to move on low -frequency and medium -frequency requests. Each page or in each material must have keywords. Internal optimization. This includes the speed of downloading the site, adaptation to mobile devices, internal structure and internal links, meta-tags, readability of the text. E-mail marketing. The newsletter reminds users-subscribers about your site, motivates them to return, read new materials interesting for them. Linkbuilding. You leave links to reliable resources (comments on professional forums, blogs, guest posts, social networks, Pinterest, thematic links of links). This gives 2 pluses: additional traffic and improving the ranking of search engines. Channel on YouTube. The method is suitable if you have expert knowledge that you can share – and you probably have them, since you have created a site. A promoted YouTube channel also gives traffic. The site can be promoted using contextual and targeted advertising, if you have a budget, including testing. An important role in promotion is played not only by the amount of traffic, but also by behavioral factors: how much time the user spent on the site, whether he made internal transitions, whether he commented on publications. Connect the IPweb service advertising campaign: living users will come to you from the target audience you need and will perform the necessary targeted actions. This will improve behavioral factors, and your site will attract the attention of organic visitors.

  16. In a good way, each traffic can be worked out: search queries; recommendation systems; transitions from social networks; internal links; direct suckers; crossings on the sites. Each channel in the work of the site can now be viewed in Google metrics. I will give an example of the distribution of my client’s traffic, today a little more than 11 thousand people have entered the site: the subject of the theme of the garden (about fertilizers and drugs), worked out on the CEO, collected keys, united them into groups, analyzed competitors. The keys to the work need to be taken low -frequency and medium -frequency. High -frequency requests will no longer allow you to go out to the top issuance, since there are far and for a long time they are occupied by information giants. I show frequency per day on this site, so that there is a concept that the requests are really not super-popular: after they collected requests, they made up the structure of articles (so that it is better than everyone), gave the copywriter to spelling, published material, published material, published material Beautifully complementing it with pictures and videos, then the search engine indexes your article. At the next stage, you can slightly push the search engine algorithm and show him that your material is relevant, that there will be no failures on the collected keys. Here you attract the so -called motivated traffic. I always take the IPweb service. It has all the tools that will increase the attendance of the site. There are living people from all over the country – they send your keys to them and the guys go to your site for them. Next, you can already watch the search engine reaction and adjust it. This is only one way! There are unrealistic many of them, it is better to take several into work at once. For example, I am a fan of starting the site advertising on social networks, buying advertisements on other sites, finishing off the audience up to 10k (my personal record was 172 thousand visitors to the site from the tape per day). Last advice: read more materials on the topic, try to use different methods of increasing the audience.

  17. This is not to say unequivocally “promote the site in the top 10 search results.” Such tips are useless, since they are non-zadres and template. In order: visitors should come to the site from somewhere. Therefore, the method of increasing attendance (the answer to the question “as”) depends on the priority and suitable traffic channel (the answer to the question “where”). For example, your site is devoted to the sale of handmade goods, some exclusive jewelry in a single copy. Then the search promotion is not suitable for you – it is pointless to compete with jewelry online stores, you have one -page site, there is no catalog and assortment, like competitors. It is better to get Instagram and focus on creating beautiful visual content, and then launch targeted advertising. And from the account, customers will switch to the site. And this will be not just the cosmetic effect of beautiful numbers on the attendance meter, but your real customers. And if, suppose, you have a large information site or blog, then search promotion is most likely suitable. Here you need to start with the collection of the semantics, analysis of the niche, the optimization of the site – in general, SEO is a whole complex of regular work. What can there be still transitions: search engines – Google, Google and other socio -social networks – VK, Instagram, Facebook and others. Vacurators. Vacuums. – for example, Telegram Partner networks on other sites, services, catalogs, cards, marketplais -paying advertising: contextual, targeted, etc. Ophelines, outdoor advertising, media, etc. S specialized resources of motivated traffic, such as IPweb more about each source: we increase traffic about each source Put the site up to 1000, only the last option is suitable for an independent increase in site attendance for the sake of attendance as such, or behavioral factors. Others require certain skills and experience, so for this purpose it is best to attract specialists.

  18. Much depends on what your site is. Information, commercial, online store. Specific tips depend on this. But in general, you can use: contextual advertising to increase attendance. These are ads that are shown to people interested in certain things. You can target your advertisement for the desired audience. Clicks are paid for ads. The cost of click depends on different parameters (topics, region of show, etc.). SEO. This is the promotion of the site in the search results. For example, a person sets a request related to the theme of your project – he sees a link to your site in the issuance, goes through it and becomes your reader or buyer. SMM. Promotion on social networks. There are options for both buying advertising and the development of communities, from where your site can receive traffic. Blogs, channels and other sources of traffic.

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