How to find out what is being followed on the Internet?

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  1. We can assume that you are always watching you there. Everything that you give out on the network, one way or another goes through other people’s servers and is easily tracked. Almost all sites are interested in their audience and put tools on their pages for this. So the question is not whether they are watching at all or not. And in that, they personally follow you personally in this sea of ​​the audience, or you personally are not interesting to anyone. And the latter purely depends on you. Some (“99%) personally simply does not make sense to follow. Too many people, they are doing something there all the time and personally it is simply not interesting to anyone. The maximum is unloaded by all this some kind of neural network, to show you a more targeted advertising. Moreover, this does not deny the possibility and more personal tracking. And of course you will never know here. According to this, behave on the network so that later it would not be ashamed. ”Yes, and send the content that compromises you to the network is an extremely short -sighted policy. Even when you seem to have no sense in following you. After all, everything can change over time. Well, of course, this is purely about the Internet. And there is a sea of ​​all kinds of Trojans. Which will already follow your actions locally from your computer. It is already possible to track these, but again without any guarantees. So if you have paranoia, then do not use the Internet at all. Well, do not do there that you are afraid to reveal to everyone, all-all. The latter is also useful for those who do not have paranoia.

  2. Immediately make a reservation, the philistine response, I am not special in Internet technologies: the easiest answer: the browser collects data, the search engine collects data, sites collect data. That is, you can not even ask a question, but simply answer – you are being watched on the Internet. True, such tracking is mainly based to collect information for advertising purposes and each site collect information how you went to it, on what pages you went, how much time you spent, etc. To understand what data is distributed to the owners of sites, it is enough to see the admin panel of the metric or google analytics. Moreover, sometimes the users faded how much activity they accumulated with Google services, including movements, if they were using Google cards. How to get rid of? Open code browsers and all that, turning off the cookies on the sites, etc. Malicious and spy programs can monitor in different ways. Find their availability – analysis of all programs and services working on a computer, plus the analysis where and which program transmits traffic. N U and, accordingly, the search for various antiviruses and Malware. The service is essentially at a time your IP knows at a time. This is at least a provider and a basic location (country, region, something like), at a maximum (if the IP is not generated) – a clear location of the connection. Get rid of this through VPN. See http sites, through which you are not protected (all modern browsers talk about it, you can read in more detail) and your traffic is available to the provider without any problems. The provider watches you by default because your passes through it Traffic. There was a lot of conversations that Windows is very actively collecting data on user actions and all telemetrics and even after widespread criticism all this remained, including Without options for disconnecting, though without obvious personalization. As you know, everything is more complicated here, if only operating systems are changed. At the moment, many services want to have your data for a lot of services. Facebook according to the rules requires registration under the name-familia with the ability to confirm by documents, the Microsoft account will bind your computer, etc. That is, do not give data about yourself – do not use piles of services where this data will need to be left or which will be tied yourself. By the way, Facebook is not bad (and I don’t know why) can calculate and invite you to get acquainted with those people that you know, but have not tied anywhere. That is, there the algorithms for searching for ties work unrealistically powerfully. I think, in today’s time, you can only get rid of the transmission of any information – isolate your device from the network completely. Alas.

  3. He answersMihail is honestly with a slip – they are definitely watching you. Another question is – is it dangerous? The default browsers constitute a “generalized profile” of their users, based on their data, requests and search history. Applications of social networks request permission to shoot photos, videos and control of the microphone; messengers control your phone book and correspondence. It helps you give you more relevant advertising based on your profile. Such surveillance is called the “digital next.” The data that is transmitted in this way are confidential, your personal data is not transmitted to them, but only those that are required to improve the system. In Magor, we advise you to use proven browsers and do not cross the harmful links. Only in this case you will protect yourself from unwanted surveillance.

  4. You will not be able to find competent surveillance with all desire. Services of such specialists are not cheap, just estimate for yourself: whether such costs pay attention to your person on someone else’s side. In a simpler case, the main feature will be the increased battery consumption. The transmission of large volumes of data, for example, from a microphone or device camera, requires regular use of a communication module. But spy software is not the only possible consumer of energy. Similar symptoms gives a crypto-chainer lined with negligence somewhere by negligence. If there are reasonable suspicions, you can try to check the traffic, but this can be masked too smart, and in most cases will not give a result. But you can’t hide the consumption of the charge in this way. If not to talk specifically about you, but about any Internet user that does not use something like Tor, then surveillance takes place by default: the devices are sent to the servers of the owners of operating systems and applications a lot of data. You can read about this in more detail here. Break with all this muck – Sisyphus labor: You will not cut all channels, but the problems in the functioning of the device after cleaning are very possible.

  5. In 5 minutes, you can’t figure it out in this matter. Learn how the corporations and special services are collected about us. This will partially tell you what you should not do. If you want to determine whether data from your PC is flowing from your PC, then you need to master Post Get requests and quite plunge into the processes of the OS with which you work and the software that you use. This will understand that the data is sent only for the necessary processes and there are no leaks. The difficulty is that the data is encrypted and you cannot see the contents of the information sent upon request. You are 100% monitored if: if you have Yandex Alice or similar software, in essence, which is Keilogers (no one looks in the agreement when installing programs, and It is also written there whether the application collects data about the user and whether it transmits them to the server). If you use Windows 10 and do not block the Cortana process. If you use a smartphone from Android. Well, you can download it to a torrent tracker or Vareznik hacked software. Windows there or a photoshop … And it may turn out that they posted it for a reason, but to collect data from those who have established this software.

  6. No need to find out anything: they definitely follow you. This is easy to notice, it is worth you to be interested in something and you will immediately begin to show advertising on this topic. I am calm about this. Who will need to be in service, they will learn about me everything you need. I am not interesting to the rest.

  7. Responded to any case, using the Internet, you leave a digital trace using the Internet. What does this mean – this means that in any case, going to the Internet, the visits and search engines collect information about you. Where did you go, how much time you spent, etc. Information. This is done in order to show you native advertising. So they are afraid and encrypted if you do not feel a respectable citizen. There is no observance of tracking on the Internet now.

  8. In fact, a very interesting question. In short, all users of the Internet are monitored. But how closely it depends on you. Everyone who enters the Internet from a conventional browser with a PC or smartphone, surveillance, or rather monitoring of interests. First of all, in this they are interested in the search systems for the formation of your portrait and interests. Knowing this information, it is easier for search engines to form a relevant announcement. The easiest way to notice this is by searching for information on the request “buy a traffic light Krasnodar” and on many sites an announcements “on the sale of traffic lights at the best price in the south of Russia” will instantly appear. Here you can see what Google means about you –, and here is the story of your movements – Detailed information is collected and sold by all large search engines, mobile applications and services. All of them follow everyone more intently precisely it makes no sense for you. Too large the amount of unnecessary information will accumulate. Now, if any crime was committed. . . But I’m sure you are an honest person and you have nothing to fear!

  9. Well, for starters, they follow you anyway. This happens everywhere. Most often, this is done so that the advertising that you pops up is the most oriented to your needs, or so that developers, for example OS, can track problems or system uses, for example, makes Apple, when setting up the device, they ask you to agree with Passing data on the use of the device to improve the operation of the OS. This can be abandoned. They follow you literally wherever there is a network connection. Most often these are browsers, trite sites to which you go, links that you open and the requests that you are looking on the Internet. This is called a “digital trace.” Every person has it, as well as a fingerprint. The point here is that these data are subject to confidentiality conditions, in connection with which these data are used anonymously, they are not assigned to your personality, but for your IP address, but as for me, this has long become one. Your information imprint can also be used by law enforcement agencies by court decision, so be careful, always think about what and how you are looking for on the Internet. If we are not talking about basic surveillance for advertising and feedback of developers, then fasten your belts! It often happens that we pump any files from random sources, for example, a template for a statement, different instructions, and so on. If you download files from official sources, then the likelihood that the malicious program hid in these files is great. This can be, for example, a program that uses part of the resources of your computer, for example, for “mining”, is also possible for surveillance. As a rule, nobody cares to an ordinary user, but if you have any valuable information, you can get to the sight. You need to start with “social engineering”, which most often needs hackers. This is “out of programmatic knowledge.” In this case, the hacker knows about you personally. He knows that you can have something valuable, so, most likely knows either your address or your needs, because you can make a malicious program with easy ways, you can only two: through a local network (your Internet), or through you are interested in files or links. Both options are quite situational. If you suspect that someone tracks your computer, then I know one, not 100% way to find out. Open the “Ctrl+Shift+ESC” task dispatcher, look at performance during operation. If the indicators often jump high, at the moment when you do not load the system, then look for an application that causes this overload. To do this, click on a column with a high loading rate (it will be illuminated by the color of the red shade. The stronger the column blushes, the stronger this indicator is loaded), the system will show you the applications that load the system in this parameter and sort them as the load decreases. Any smart hacker will hide his manipulations, most likely will try to mimic his application under the system. System applications rarely are very encountered on performance, most often this occurs when the system is loaded, or when working with system files and scripts. After finding such a file, drive its name on the Internet and see what it is responsible for or what is its function. You can also see the folder with its location in the process of the process, so we will understand where the file is hidden in your system. If we find the logic between the enhanced work of this process and our actions (we already know what this process does, if it is factory), as well as the place of its location in the root folder of the system, then you can sleep calmer. If not, then it is worthwhile and it is best to use antivirus. In general, in the event of such a question – Antivirus is a way not only to prevent, but also to prevent such issues.

  10. It is easy to follow a person on the Internet if you are the owner of the site. By the statistics and analysis of the site for the administration, you can see from which region you are, what IP you have. And you can even see what you are interested in on the site visited. Until what movements were made by the mouse, and what they clicked on, and where the picture simply attracted you. All this easily helps the owner of the sites to adapt content to the consumer. Feel careful when entering data from a bank card. If you enter these card data directly on the site and not through the payment service through the bank. Be sure that the site administrator sees the card numbers you enter. Learn them easily to the site administrator.

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