How to find customers on the Internet?

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  1. There are a huge number of ways to attract customers on the Internet. Some more effective, some less. Some can be called conventionally, some paid. In my practice, I used all the available ways to search for customers, for me the most effective ways are: 1) contextual advertising. Advertising is shown to the user based on his search queries. 2) Targeted advertising. Advertising is shown to the user on the basis of its behavioral factors and socio-demographic characteristics. 3) e-mail marketing. It works great both for repeated sales and attracting attention to the necessary CA to the promoted product. 4) Content marketing. Helping the user to understand your product, you form your own expertise. 5) SMM. It is perfect for the B2C segment. More about each method of searching for customers, as well as about some other methods, I wrote in my article “attracting customers on the Internet. A review of effective channels of interaction” I will be glad if it is useful to you! Good luck and good sales!

  2. He looked at the answers and few people use SEO. The method is certainly not simple, but if the subject is suitable (in short, the great demand on the Internet and not sky-high competition), then customers can be obtained 2-10 times cheaper than from context (though it was the case of the old years). But of course, due to the complexity of optimization and refinements of the site, pleasure is not for very small companies and not for competitors of large thematic aggregators (Buckings, Ozones, Weidbris, etc.)

  3. To find customers on the Internet, you must first come to the Internet. What does it mean to come? This means creating a selling, informative and effective site that can be well indexed by search engines. This means creating communities on social networks and promoting them. Be on YouTube and record new and new videos about a product or service. This means working with contextual advertising and through analytics. Only such synergy of work and tools will allow you to receive a truly, serious flow of customers from the Internet.

  4. It is good if you have the following tools for promoting the business: a personal profile in the social. networks, in status you can indicate your own occupation, register on sites like Avito (very visited platform), make a profile in specialized exchanges, thematic catalogs, put a special YouDo application, do not pass by the sites for the performance of services. Show the ingenuity, resourcefulness and you will be luck :)!

  5. There are two ways to solve this problem that needs to be paid attention to.
    1. Regularly expand your presence on the Internet:
    – qualitatively arrange pages on social networks. And these are not only well -known Facebook. You need to go to specialized sites where your customers live. Search for how to show on these resources.
    – Consider … Read more

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