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  1. You can make money on the Internet in a variety of ways: video blogging, creating your own sites, freelance, creating and selling your training courses, and so on. If we talk about my experience on the Internet, then I had my own Internet marketing agency, and I also waged activities on the marketplace, plus and have my own online stores. Also, at some period of time, the texts terribly carried me away (then copywriting only gained momentum) and took up this activity. But it was more like a hobby than the main source of income.

  2. I will not return to the system, I will write a hundred percent of the hour on the example of one ordinary person who worked in the office and received 30,000 rubles a month. Once he found out about freelance and decided to try himself in it. He began to think why he could start, what he can. I used to indulge in a mounting of short videos and decided to see if there is a demand for this. It turned out to eat, and from the very first month he earned an additional 5 thousand rubles in excess of the salary. He devoted this a few hours after work. In order to find a client, chat with him, do a job and hand over. In the end, he quit three months later. Because he went to the income from the freelance above 30,000 rubles. To do this, he needed to make about 5 videos a month. (5×6 000 rubles = 30,000 rubles). On an average of 2 days, on average, on each video. It turns out that in 10 days of work per month he received as much as for the entire month of work in the office. We also take into account the time and money for the road to the office and back. Demand for freelancers and remote workers is growing with the growth of Internet projects that need to be managed. Who will manage? Managers, marketers, administrators. Everyone can find himself on freelance if he wants. I found myself, I definitely never go to the system. Even when it is tight with orders, thoughts appear, but I drive them away.

  3. 44,000 rubles – the average monthly income of a freelancer in Russia, as of 2020.70,000 rubles – receive logistics specialists on average in Russia. Yes, this is also a freelance. 16 000 rubles-home staff earn on average in Russia. 57 500 rubles-the average income of Moscow freelancers-they have the highest income in the country. 33,500 rubles-the average income of freelancers from Barnaul is the lowest An indicator in the country. 66% – highly qualified specialists on freelance (IT, design) cooperate with foreign customers. 61 000 rubles – the average income from cooperation by foreign customers, according to the study by PayPal.59% – such a percentage of Russian companies with remote employees, data testify to data Hays survey. Although, the 2020th, this number should significantly increase. 90%-so many employees of Russian companies would like to go to work from home in the future, permanent or temporary. 25%-employers are looking for specialists in the field of transport and logistics, according to the data, according to the data Avito.17% – companies are hired on a free schedule of people without work experience: movers, waiters, customer service managers and so on. In general, Russia has been moving in the right direction regarding the sphere of freelance and remote work. True, significantly behind, as usual, from the whole world.

  4. Now there will be a little story to yourself, but do not think that I am selling something, really personal experience. Being in grades 8-9, it was ~ 10 years ago, I subconsciously knew how cool it was: earn on the Internet. Then it was not so developed and the first attempts were – to “get on” with a penny of 100 rubles at least. But my first significant money was received from the sale of public in VK. Ten years ago, for 4,000 rubles (~ $ 130), it was a lot of sale) content, in general, always steamed, and if you know how to produce it, you will understand how to monetize it. Next – wrote texts on exchanges on order or simply put up for sale. After that, the creation of sites, their promotion, complex marketing, SMM, promotion of brands. You need to find it with something. And spin in the topic, study, be in trend. To develop with the world, keep up with the times. Now, for example, a big earnings promises – sale on marketplaces. In general, of course, ask questions, read, study, but: Start act as quickly as possible.

  5. I would paraphrase the question. Something like that – what is the peculiarity of earnings on the Internet or what can change in life if you switch to freelance. In my case, at school I had a lot of desire to study. You have to study for the Internet. And study with a desire. You no longer sit stupidly, some kind of movie or to toys. It is necessary to arrange life more organizedly. Clearly plan, develop. In my opinion – it’s great!

  6. I will share how I earn. Perhaps my example motivates you for new achievements or to change the type of activity. I’ll tell you and show in general terms, but if you subscribe and pour likes, then in subsequent articles I will sign each source in detail. Let’s go. There is an income from paid advancement consultations and how everything works in Telegram and Yandex.Zen. It helps both its own many years of experience (in the “cart” and in Zen since 2017), and constantly communication with colleagues in their own and third-party chats. Consultations are individual, expensive (from 6,000 rubles), this is not a mass service, but rather a desire to share my tremendous experience with those who really need it. In a month I advise from 3 to 5 customers, I will no longer take it as preparations along with the consultation itself It occupies in the amount of 7-8 hours of pure time, which in essence I can “sell” much more expensive. There is income from the arbitration of traffic and working with various partnership programs (both directly and through admitad type aggregators). To make it convenient to control everything, I started in the googling and regularly updating such a monthly plate. By the way, it helps a lot to track which partners and aggregators how much should, whether there are problems with payments. Plus, I always know about how much I earned and from which site/offer. In money, affiliate programs bring an average of 100-150 thousand rubles. per month, but significant drawdowns also occur, for example, if you reduce volumes or suddenly stop “pouring traffic”. The income is more or less stable, since many services work for more than one year and have regular users from which the commissions are dripping. Under the arbitration, I like to look for my own, as simple ligaments, but I don’t want to go deep into the topic in principle (this whole cloaking and farm of Facebook accounts), although I know strong arbitrators, who for less time does many times more than me. I envy, in a white one)) The next source is the sale of advertising places on blogs and social networks. In order to make some sane money on this, it is obvious that you need to first create/promote blogs, telegram channels, and so on. For this, it is necessary either a lot of money, or time, and often both, when the asset was created, you can safely receive several thousand rubles for one advertising placement. On the screen above, an example of advertising order in my grid of telegram channels. I get 7200 rubles clean, time for everything about everything (unlike the same consultations) I spend a scanty, and the income is much more interesting. This can be called the main ones that I earn on the Internet. There are also income for small services on freelance exchanges, dzen income from advertisements, investments, several small shares in online services. I try to look for, always try something new, develop several sources of income, guided by the rule “Do not store all eggs in one basket”, which I recommend to you .————- more benefit in Our Blog Cyber ​​Master on Yandex.Zen, where there are already hundreds of articles!

  7. I earn through the provision of SEO promotion services (website promotion in Yandex and Google search engines). I was in the office in the region, the maximum of the SP as the head of the promotion department was 22,000 r per month. Then he went to freelance and for the second month of work found orders for about the same amount, but working at home remotely. We were different situations, you earn less in the crisis, in successful years and months more. Earnings varied from 20,000 to 200,000 r per month, now on average about 50-70 per month. If the technical base as a specialist has been studied, the main thing is that it separates from good earnings this ability to find good customers, and of course the ability to sell

  8. I am the owner of the company of video subaches. I have employees who work from other cities. From remote professions in our field I can name: editor, designer, sound designer, screenwriter. To master the necessary skills, you can start without expensive training courses. All tutors are on YouTube, the main thing is the desire to understand the profession and the presence of artistic taste. When learn to cut the video, apply music and credits – you can already try to take small orders for the freelance sites and earn extra money. But in order to earn good money, you will need to work hard: – master the Premiere Pro, after Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop; – Master the basics of directing, artistic composition (construction), color schemes and techniques, lighting, find information on perception psychology, – find information on the psychology of perception. attention management; – it is very important to develop overness. To be able to analyze advertising, films, any video sequence. Videoorclam is very in demand. And specialists are also very needed to create it. For example, we always have vacancies for those who already have sufficient experience with advertising production. So you want to earn on the Internet – you can master one of our professions.

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