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  1. The question affects a fairly extensive topic, but we will try to answer it with maximum benefit. We divide the work on the landing into several stages: we determine the goals of the landing – why do you need this page? For example, the collection of the contact base, the sale of goods, the entrance to the sales funnel, the portfolio and so on. For example, 8 main blocks are usually used for the selling landing structure. Find the designer and order the landing design. You can find a designer in thematic publics or on the freelance exchange. Damage to create a landing landing: order a self -recorded landing from a programmer; Create a landing lobby yourself using the sites designer. Put the landing on WordPress. After the creation of the landing, test it, check the adaptability of the adaptability – Landing – Landing I must correctly display on all devices, both on a PC and on phones. All buttons and forms should work. Publish a landing landing on the Internet – select a hosting and buy a domain for your site.

  2. You need to sit down and understand who is the buyers of your product and what is important to them in the product. Then write a text that shows your product from the side that potential customers will like. You can do this in a regular Word. Then you can look for the designer of the landing rods, of which now a dime a dozen. To study some one on its knowledge base or in video tutorials free and make a text in advance, a beautiful landing on the constructor. Press the “Publish” button and the landing landing, you can also buy a beautiful name to the site (domain) on the USD designer and install free analysts, how to do this also in the knowledge base of any decent designer.

  3. Option 1. The optimal approach without code: Use online designing can be done without codes on a special online design. If you are not a professional designer and want to do something yourself, your option is a service like It greatly limits in possibilities, but is the most simple in development and will give a quick result. Having played with Vicks, you switch to something more serious: Readymag, Tilda and Webflow. All three services are good. I saw that several Lugla Landers were gathered in the redimag. Webflow is so buried that there was a whole generation of designers who call the landing lashes on it, without using neither the classic interface editor, nor knowing the html. *** General recommendations on landing councils on how to do it Landings and how not to do I wrote in an article about the design of the Landing Patterne. *** Option 2. Find the contractor, they realized that it is better to entrust a landing from a specialist, find him at, choosing commands with good reviews. Prefer to work with teams, not with loners. Professional teams have the opportunity to do individual landing design, lay it out and integrate it into CMS and CRM, connect payment systems. One person is rarely capable of effectively combining so many roles. *** Option 3. Independent development: the most low -level approach you want to do everything yourself, reject the designers and you have years of time, the plan is: prepare for yourself and content: write in advance and draw in advance and draw Black version of the landing page as you see it. Make a retouching photo in Photoshop or Lightrum. If you need to put the goods on the white background, look at this lesson. Remove the advertising video for the hat, download it to the yutub. From 1 to 3 minutes. For installation, you will need a prime minister of proceeds. Rinse the editor for screen design, such as FIGMU. Draw pages design in width 320 and 1280, unload the illustrations for a mile from it. Insert the photos and texts into FIGMU. Explore the basics of HTML, CSS, a little JavaScript will not hurt either. Store Denver (if Windows) or MAMP (if you have a poppy) to expand the local server on which your CMS will work. Free CMS system like generally accepted MODX (I didn’t come in) and WordPress (I came in) on which your site will work. No need to deepen into PHP. Find out what the MySQL database and PHPMYADMIN console are. START THE Design in HTML and CSS. Integrate this mile in the CMS. Build the domain and hosting that supports PHP and MySQL and also has responsive technical support. As you ask what hosting your friends use. Feel free to call technical support. SSH post the site from a local server to the present. Replace all URLs in the database. Write the correct Chmod access, if everything breaks. (Optionally) connect the payment system so that customers can pay your services with a card. Put google metric and add the site to Google webmaster. Find out what UTM tags are.

  4. Landing Page – landing page, is created for: receiving traffic from advertisements; promoting information about a product or service in search engines (“sharpened page”). In both cases, the information on the page should be presented in the best way and should cause Interest in the presented product or service. If the landing is created for advertisements, then in the headlines and in the usual text, preferably using the dedication, all keywords from the obligation title, its text and use-auxiliary search tags should be indicated. It is not necessary for modern requirements. Moreover, it is possible to accidentally create a text sent by keywords and get lower ratings from the inspecting search algorithm. The main rules for the text: simplicity; understandability; naturalness; completeness of the necessary information. It seems that the sale of the text must comply with the rules of advertising and marketing, it must be used in effect ny selling designs, but above all there should be a sincerity of the desire to inform the consumer about the best qualities of the proposed product or service. Now buyers approve of a simple and honest presentation of “cool moments” and “profitable offers” than “cunning marketing spaces” in the “keywords sent” By SEO-Mifs the text. Therefore, you need to approach the issues of using all kinds of unverified landing services and copywriters-EO-shawarlatanov. Recommending for the landing is this: common sense and professional advertiser. Budgetary elaborations for the creation of a grammable advertising and informational product should be allocated in sufficient size. If the landing is created in conditions of strict savings, then the rate must be made for the simplicity and honesty of the presentation of the commercial advantages of the product or service. The copywriting can be read on the channel “Information Law in the Company” in the articles: How to learn copywriting “from scratch”? How to find a copywriter19 October 2018 Author: Demeshin Sergey Vladimirovich.

  5. Good afternoon! If the question is technically – to what, then you can develop a landing: using ready -made designers (in my opinion for small budgets the best option). There are many services for this task, for example: tildaukitwix lpgenerator nethouse to develop a unique design (or look for template options) and “pull” it on the engine (site administration system – CMS). This option is suitable if some complicated landing is planned on the landing Functionality, or, if the plans are in case of success “turn” the landing into a full -fledged site. If we talk about the sequence of actions in the development of the landing, then it is necessary: ​​to develop TK, having previously convinced that you understand for whom your site (audience), What are her pains/needs/objections and how your site will close them. In the TK, you need to describe the functionality of the landing (the presence of a calculator, pop -ups), etc. Project the prototype. It can be as detailed and interactive as possible (immediately show how which element will work when hovering, clicking, etc.), or it can be a schematic example. Prototypymatic example: detailed: develop a site design based on a prototype. At this stage, you need to decide on the color scheme, stylistics, that is, to think through the design concept. It is good if you have references (examples of sites that you like by design/style/colors or even individual elements). If the development is carried out at the constructor, then at this stage the site is collected as part of the designer, either using standard blocks, or an individual design is drawn. The layout and programming stage when developing on the constructor is absent (and this is an undoubted plus). If the development of the site is carried out on a separate platform, then after the design of the design, which should also be adapted to mobile devices, the following stages go: layout of the site (it is carried out by the Front-End Developer) is the essence of the design of the design to separate elements, to write off the site styles ( The color of the background, fonts, etc.), etc. Programing the functional of the site (it is carried out by the BACK-end developer) I hope I answered your question) of a good day!

  6. The landing is in itself does not bring customers. The basis of success is the traffic that you will burn there. And the faster you do this, the faster you begin to earn money. A good one -page cannot be made on the first attempt. In any case, you will have to track the conversion and test the hypotheses to improve the results. It is not worth spending a lot of time to make the best landing page the first time. While you will conduct research and thoroughly study the audience, someone will quickly collect the landing in the constructor and pick up customers. Therefore, we will consider the 6 main stages of creating a landing place to quickly start it into work and start other tasks: preparing advertising campaigns, testing and testing and testing and improvement. Distribute the goal of the landing. You want to sell, receive orders or collect contacts. Examine competitors’ sites and target audience. If there are no customers yet, focus on the analysis of competitors. Write a clear text. Place the essence of the sentence in the title and subtitle on the first screen. Release any statements from the facts from the world of the reader. Draw a prototype, following the principle of “one screen – one thought.” Think about where to post pictures, videos, buttons. Determine which pieces of text can be replaced with visual materials. Do not forget about the footer and the hat. Study the capabilities of the designers and collect the landing in the service that is more suitable for more than others. Avoid visual noise and do not sculpt everything into one pile. Use real photos and show which information is the most important. Test the landing before starting. Check the speed of loading, understandability and correct display on mobile.

  7. Very often, companies with frankly weak landing pages turn to our agency, which do not have the ability to transform potential customers into real ones. To reduce the number of such landings and help advertisers make sales content, we have made a list of recommendations for the formation of successful targeted pages: how to create a landing page of the site with good conversion

  8. The creation of the landing consists of three stages: planning. Understand what kind of product the landing will be sold, what is the audience of this product, what needs it has. What does she really want, what questions she asks in search engines and social networks about this product. Design and miles. Landing must be developed and created. To do this, you can hire a designer or do it yourself in the designer of sites. Fill. The page needs to be filled with text. It is important that the landing has the right selling structure, otherwise it will show a bad result (the most popular formula – Aidcka). The moment: points 2 and 3 should be performed in parallel. It is important to understand what will be said on the landing, to properly collect it, and vice versa. In general, this is not difficult. Using a designer (for example, Tilda or WIX), anyone can create a nice and effective landing. For example, among other things, I teach students of my course “Copywriting with a high budget” to create a Landing of a specialist, who the guys later use to sell their services.

  9. In order to make high -quality landing, you need to go through several stages: stage 1. Determine the target audience, i.e. You need to describe in detail the various criteria of your potential customers. It is best to arrange in separate portraits of the audience. Etap 2. Highlight the main pain and usefulness of the offered services, goods for potential customers. Stage 3. To analyze competitors for the strengths and weaknesses of the goods, services, materials. ETAP 4. Recycle the weaknesses of the competitors and make them with their strong. ETAP 5. Work out the block structure of the landing and transfer to the designer. Stage 6. Choose tools To develop a landing, this is a constructor or a self -recorded page. Etap 7. Fill a landing landing (landing page). Etap 8. Conduct a/b testing of various parts of the landing (change blocks, change the location of the buttons of target actions, the color of buttons, sliders, etc.) Stage stage 9. Analyze the results and implement the most effective or more acceptable for you.

  10. It is not difficult to make the landing if there is an understanding of your business and the target audience. In the first stages, it is necessary to study competitors and write out all the proposals and advantages. To note the strengths of competitors. Next, it is necessary to compose your own structure of the landing with trading offers. Try to schematically draw a sales funnel and screens of scrolling with the elements that the site visitor should be on the leaf. If the budget is limited, you can use the designer after choosing a constructor you need to arrange notes that you made on paper. Now it remains to configure advertising and test your hypothesis. Successful sales.

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