How to configure SEO for the site?

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  1. You need to start with the internal and external optimization of the site for the search engine. Injected optimization: create a competent Robots.txt file (it prescribes which pages and files to the search engine should index and which are not) improve the design and usabilitatipipippeishes the speed of loading the site and the peremension. And the ability to divide materials in social networks in social networks microstakes concrete the semantic core and distribute search queries according to the page of the page key phrases from the semantic nucleus to write competent Title/ Description/ Keywords, work the url CNC (URL address – CNC – HEALOPICAL URL) , headlines and subtitles of

    , marked and numbered lists

      / , tables

      , images ) optimize all texts and photos (write the CNC and descriptions for them) use internal tistling (competent) external optimization – a complex of sequential actions aimed at promoting in Top search engine. For example, purchase of links mentioning your site. Or, setting up an advertising campaign in Google. Direct and Google AdWords. Promotion in social networks, catalogs and forums, reviews.

  2. You can configure SEO for the site only one case – to conduct one -time optimization. This is a list of tasks, the solution of which leads the site in technically suitable condition for search engines and allows you to rank in the top-10-20 according to the main promoted requests. However, one -time optimization is insufficient in view of high competition in the issuance of search engines. Therefore, in order to obtain positions in the TOP-3, it is necessary to carry out a number of work on a regular basis, which will not only increase traffic, but also conversion, and therefore profit from the sale of goods and services from the site.

  3. To configure SEO for the site, you must perform the following actions:
    The first step is to identify the direction of the project: a commercial -informational amber -social network and aperture, after we have decided on the type of resource, we identify the most important ranking factors for its optimization. So, for example, for commercial projects at the forefront are commercial ranking factors, but for the information project, it is necessary to take into account the completeness of information disclosure, the style of presentation and much more, more details can be read in this article on Habr.
    Further, there is a list of factors that need to be taken into account all resources, these are technical, semantic and behavioral factors.
    To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the foundation – such programs as Netpeak Spider or Screaming Frog will help to conduct a detailed analysis of technical factors (of course there are many programs, but these are most often used). But, unfortunately, not everything can be checked by Tuls and it will be necessary to study the materiel and check many technical aspects with the hands.
    Then we move on to the semantics, this is a very difficult question that will be better described in another answer, but, in a nutshell, you need to make sure that all pages of the site are filled with important elements of semantics (Title, H1, etc.) and they correspond to the content of the page.
    After, to the UX site, clearly thinking over the interaction of the user and the maximum convenience for him. Immediately, we will immediately take into account part of the commercial factors, and the design of the content and so on, which is directly related to the behavior of the user.
    In the final, we get a perfectly internally optimized resource and you can proceed to external optimization. Try to do everything as useful as possible for the user. The organicity of the contents of the site, the real benefit of the incoming link for the user on a third -party resource and other white SEO is what you need to strive for! Google tells how to develop the site with white methods and so that it is useful to the user.

  4. The main work on the SEO-optimization of the site, which are the search promotion basis: the use of metathegs (Title, Desripation) Taging headlines (H1, H2, H3 …) setting the Robots.TXTNATION OF SITEMAP.XML Confirmation of the Rights in Google Svebmaster and Google Search Console -in -IN -INSTENDENT PEALINGS (each page of the site should be able to get to any other page of the site) 100% unique content (you can check on any service for checking the uniqueness of the text) Using the HTTPS certificate (if possible) and so on … in 2020, the result depends not only From the performance of work on optimization, but also from complex promotion. Today, to obtain good traffic on the Internet, contextual advertising, commentary marketing, SMM, marketplaces, etc. should be used.

  5. A comprehensive analysis of the site -complex analysis of the site is a very serious document where the current position of the site in search engines is displayed. The technical condition of the site, usability and design is fixed, statistics meters are analyzed. Then the content, SEO-optimization, the quality of the reference profile, the uniqueness of the content, the commercial weight of the Internet resource, etc. are checked. The finished document lies as the foundation of cooperation with the client. The Semantic nucleus is a direct reflection of user demand. In working with clients, we see that the potential of key queries is partly used by 20-30% on average. This is completely not enough to start building sales. By starting the process of optimizing the customer’s website, we collect up to 99% of the total demand in the form of a semantic nucleus. All work is done manually in order to carry out direct quality control of words. Structure page of all commercial sites do not have a properly worked out structure of catalogs and landing pages. This suggests that promotion is carried out by extremely ineffective methods. In 90% of the case, we focus the client’s attention on the structure, because this is one of the column SEO optimization of the site. As part of the strategy, we are mandatory to reflect the new structure of the site, which will need to be introduced during cooperation. The strategy for promoting the site-bell words, the main document is prepared-the SEO strategy. In it, we reflect all the words and the new structure of the pages that will need to be introduced or re -optimized for our requirements. The technical task is being prepared for the preparation of texts, pictures, photographs, videos, infographics. The assignment of optimization for the framework of cooperation our agency independently introduces the necessary changes on the site and all optimization is made along with texts, pictures and videos. We want to emphasize the particular importance of introducing changes to the deadlines specified by the Agency. Any delay pushes the future result in the form of profit. Creation of contentacontent is a very broad concept, let’s try to systematize it. For successful promotion, we will need unique smart texts, unique and useful photos or pictures. Graphic and video infographics work very well in SEO. This allows the user to give the necessary capacious information right now and now. Technical factors are revealing all the technical elements affecting SEO. Namely: the presence of technical takes, the speed of downloading the site, the correctness of Robots.txt and Sitemap, the server errors, errors in the webmaster, the presence of unnecessary redirects, the chips, the weight of the pages, validity of the code, mobility. Be sure to test the site for viruses and affiliation and much more. Commercial factors check the availability of special commercial indicators on the site, namely: the presence of a reverse call form in the site hat, the presence of a feedback form on each page, the availability of contact information and working hours. We check if there are forms of payment, loyalty programs, discounts and shares. We look at how the commodity cards and categories are made. The prize and the designer check block is also very important. We evaluate how the structure of the site navigation is made, how much the design corresponds to the modern market and preferences of the target audience. In general, our employees look at how convenient it is to use the site, the Google heat card is checked. Metrics. Control conclusions are being prepared on changes. Investigative factors -school machines directly say that the user behavioral scenarios on the site are becoming more priority when ranking the site in the issuance. This means that checking how visitors act on the site become the priority task of the optimizer. We definitely check the refusals, depth of viewing pages, time on the site, the implementation of conversions. We draw conclusions. Site support for regular information updates on the customer’s website: news, events, blog, processing and posting photo content and video content. It is important to show the search engines that the site is alive, it is constantly filled with useful information and it can be trusted without any doubt. Incurrect optimization we serve on open Internet and plan to post links, registration in open and paid catalogs. We place articles on special news portals, we work with crowd marketing. We are registering the customer in geo-radiation services and much more. These actions make it possible to increase the citation of the site.

  6. Unfortunately, there are extremely many information garbage on the topic. I looked at all current answers and I can say with confidence that at best there are grains of what needs to be done. Or nifiga not important events are indicated. And most of the answers are common or even erroneous. In fact, look at competitors in the issuance and do how they are. Just make a hybrid from those blocks and content that are at top -ends at direct competitors. This is my brief answer. But he is deep – not because I am arrogant and self -confident, but because this is the essence of the correct advancement in Google. Of course, you won’t get the top 1, but the site in the search will be much scatient of your competitors. There are many details in promotion – I can not be very tedious for a long time 🙂 To tell the details. I can train this and run by steps on the example of your site – you yourself will advance your site! But you have to spend time. If you are interested, write. And yes – CEO can be configured so as not to spend on it constantly and a lot of money. It is certainly better with support, but it is enough to carry out a number of work once a quarter or once every six months. Well, or on demand – Google is wearing. Especially this year – search results jumps from side to side.

  7. Firstly, your site should give the best answer to the user’s request. Those. In the center of your site, its contents are content. Secondly, content should be unique and contain keywords by which you want to see the site in the first positions in Google and Google. But do not overdo it with “keys”, since their excessive (artificial) use of search engines punish. In the third, content should be designed as conveniently as possible for users. In fourthly, the site should be correctly perceived by search engines, and the pages without problems without problems Submit to their databases, i.e. indexed. It is for this that you need to take care of the correct technical setting of the site for SEO. A separate point is descriptions for search engines (metathegs: Title and Description). They should be filled with all pages, contain keywords suitable for a particular page, and be unique. Fifthly, to accelerate the results, make sure to transfer user behavior data to Google. User factors are an important ranking factor now. Google is well suited for this (especially for the young site). But do not forget to install Google metrics. Sixth, register your site’s accounts in the main social networks and strive to make users go to the site from social networks. : Prices about delivery, payment and guarantees or 8-800 telephone number with a passage scheme for contact with your domestic recruitment of your organization Vocal information about the company (employees, mission, photographs, etc.) and other information expressing confidence in your business -Thisham, set your site in the Google Service. Vesbmaster. First of all, it is about specifying the region of your site in this service. In the nine, the site should develop, i.e. Fill in content. The more information on your topic will be on your site, the more high -quality it will be in the eyes of search engines. This is all in a nutshell and the most important thing. And in fact, there are a lot of work. For proper SEO setup and subsequent advance, it is better to contact professional optimizers: to the corresponding agency or to private specialists.

  8. Yourself can only be guaranteed to make the site inactive and all the costs of CEO optimization can turn out to be ineffective. If you still decided on an independent CEO optimization, it consists of three stages: the correct semantic core is to make the main requests of users, they are from Google Wordstate – naturally , human requests, and not “PC Buy Moscow”, in the hierarchy order (starting with the most frequent word to less frequent), good, shaking articles for users on a composed semantic nucleus. Articles should be useful, interesting and on the topic. It is desirable that in one article the topic was completely disclosed. Perelinkovka. You don’t need to do what Wikipedia, but the main keywords must be done with links. And yes, it is not recommended to use the Keyword meta tag – it simply does not need it. The main thing is that these are articles! Structured, with lists, with pictures, interesting and cognitive. And good, convenient navigation: so that the user went to any page and immediately understood what kind of site, where can I go and why

  9. Stage 1: We study the specifics of the Internet resource, analyze competitors in the market and in search systems for the proper immersion in the subject of the project will be difficult to achieve good results in promotion. It is necessary to study in detail the specifics of the sphere in order to understand the main needs of customers and the key features of your product (applies to content sites and online stores). Analysis of competitors in the market and in search engines is needed to evaluate the difficulty of getting into the top 10 search engines . Perhaps, on your subject, competitors in the search results will be very few, and the quality of their sites will leave much to be desired, in this case, it will not be difficult to take high positions in the search results. There may be the opposite situation. With a large amount of competition in the search, the quality of Web resources naturally grows, since in a fierce struggle for a place in the TOP it is necessary to constantly improve the project, introduce new ideas, make it more convenient for the user, more attractive in terms of design and so on. In this case, you will have to plan a much larger budget for SEO and finalize the site. A great example of a very competitive theme will be the sphere of plastic windows. The promotion of the site in this topic will require a large amount of money and time for optimization. Also, at this step you can spy on the competitors of interesting chips and ideas that can be quickly implemented on your project. Do not invent a rebuild, but remember that you always need to strive to do better than that of a competitor. Etap 2: We collect a semantic core and clustering the most important and crucial stages in the process of promoting the site, beginners often do not pay due attention to it and this is a big mistake, Since this step is the basis for the leadership for all subsequent actions! At this stage, we collect all the key phrases on which your Internet project will be advanced. After this, the phrases must be clustered (distributed by groups) and determine for each group your landing page (page on which phrases will be advanced, if it is already on the site). To collect the semantic nucleus, we recommend using the Keycollector program, the majority of Seo- specialists. Also, to obtain key phrases of competitors, you can use various services, such as Serpstat. We will briefly talk about how the process is built: preparing masks for parsing phrases. Masks are the highest -frequency requests consisting of one or more words. Masks will be collected by all phrases that contain the basic phrase. For example, the phrase “Smartphone Buy” will be assembled along the Smartphone mask. Assum of key phrases on selected masks. Capital of the collected semantic nucleus. At this stage, it is necessary to remove phrases that are not related to your site. Frequency collection for key phrases. Closterization of the nucleus (distribution by groups). At the same stage, consider the following points: select not only high -frequency phrases, but also medium -frequency with low -frequency ones -It will be easier to take the top delivery top for them. Only phrases that correspond to the theme of the website should be obtained in the SE. Pay attention that if your project is commercial, key phrases should also be commercial (exception may be words for the blog in the online store) , for the information resource, choose only information phrases. Completely cover the entire range of goods/commodity groups/topics of the site to collect the most complete nucleus. Etap 3: We design the structure of the site, determine the landing pages of the previous stages, we collected information about competitors and their advantages, and Also, we received a list of key phrases on which we will make a SEO process, now you can act. The tape of collecting semantics we distributed phrases in groups. For each of the groups, it is necessary to prepare a landing page where requests will be promoted. A thorough development of the site structure will work so that each cluster of the phrase has a landing page. Keep in mind that in the future additional sections or pages can be added to the structure. Why the competent structure of the site is important for SEO: solves the user problems and improves behavioral characteristics. If the user has difficulties with navigation on the site and problems with the search for the desired section – it will most likely close the tab and go to competitors. The speed of indexing the site makes it better. PS robots will be much easier to bypass sites with a convenient structure and flipping, which means they will index them will be faster. It will make it possible to cover a larger volume of semantics. A good structure is not only convenient to use, but also contains a large number of landing pages for search queries. It is important to pay much attention to the preparation of the structure so that in the future there is no need to change it and tolerate pages, since there are risks of traffic loss during this process And the need to set the redirects. After compiling the structure “on paper”, you can introduce it on the site yourself, or seek help from the programmer. In most modern CMS, for example, in WordPress, this can easily be done by a beginner. ETAP 4: We carry out technical optimization to create and configure the Robots.txt file. Do not forget to close the basket page from indexation, search on the site and the pages of authorization. Create and configure the site map for indexing pages by search engines-sitemap.xmlnate the error page-404 Nastrust all the necessary redirects. Setting and configuring SSL certificates. Almost all sites in the top 10 search engines operate on the protocated HTTPS protocol. The presence of a SSL certificate on the site is a generally accepted security standard and affects the ranking in the PS. Read more about what SSL is the correctness of the correct display of the site on mobile devices. In 2020, a mobile or adaptive version must be present on the site. CNC setting up (human-convertible URL) URL-the address of the page by which its contents can be understood can partially contain key phrases. Favicon (the site icon, which is displayed, which is displayed In the search results and in the browser tabs) checking the speed of the site. This parameter should be paid to special attention, since the loading time of the pages is quite strongly affected by the ranking in the PS, and very soon, in 2021, a new ranking factor built on the speed of the site load speed – Page Experience will appear in Google. Install the attribute on the pages Rel = “Canonical”. Such an attribute must be installed on pages with the same content so that the search engine does not regard them like doubles. For example, Canonical is installed on pagination pages, on goods, if the same product is available on different URLs (located in several sections of the site). Meta-tag station installation On the pages that should not fall into the search systems index. The introduction of microdulatories and open Graph on the pages of the site. These are the most important technical aspects that should be tuned on any site. When conducting a detailed technical audit, additional problems can be discovered that will require your attention, for example, the availability of pages or broken links. ETAP 5: Optimize the content of what we go to the details, remember a very simple axiom: “Content is the king”. It is for the sake of content that users go to your web resource, so it should be of very high quality. On this step, it is necessary to place content on the site if it has not been before. If you publish texts, articles, there should also be images, links to similar materials. If you are engaged in the sale of goods, then the cards of goods should contain descriptions, photos of goods, delivery conditions, price, conversion elements, and so on. We will dwell on the optimization of content for the search systems of meta-tags. This is the most sign for beginners, and they are justified Pay the most attention to him. Behind the apparent simplicity of the process of optimizing meta-tags, a fairly strong correlation is hidden with a position and the ability to significantly increase the CTR pages in the issuance. Here is the meta-tags with the work of the SEO specialist: Title-the page heading, it can be seen in the browser tab and in the heading Pages in the search results (not in all cases, often the PS is substituted from the page from the page). The title must indicate the basic information according to which the user will be able to conclude about the content of the Dadescription page – a description of the page, like Title, can fall into the contents of the search snippet. In the description, you can indicate that it did not fit into the Title and disclose in more detail the information about the page. Quite often, the Description enters the snippet partially, or is completely replaced by text from the page.Keywords-keywords, we do not recommend time to this meta-tag, since Google has not taken into account it since 2005, and in Google the impact on the ranking is minimal. Key phrases in the texts on the pages. In 2020, text factors still greatly affect positions in search engines. The main key phrases must be present on the page. Remember that the keywords on the page should be placed organically, the text should be convenient for reading to users and solve its problems. If you use key phrases inappropriately and frankly spit them, you can get into the disgrace of search engines and lose positions. Such a risk of sanctions in the Google PS is especially great due to the presence of Baden-Baden-Baden filters, emergency and re-optimization. The installation and optimization of the headings on the site. The call h1 must be present on each page of the site and reflect the main essence of its contents. You should observe the hierarchy of the headings on the page and remember that the h1 on the page can only be one. Party -recoving (including bread crumbs). Nearby for competent tigs on the site allows the user to comfortably move along its pages, and also contributes to the proper distribution of the reference weight between the internal Web-resource pages. Alt attribute for images. Working with commercial factors, conversion forms, calculators of some topics can be attributed to the basic optimization. For example, on the pages of online stores, city phone numbers must be present, buttons for ordering goods, a basket, and so on. These factors can have a positive impact on the behavioral characteristics and ranking of the site in search engines. ETAP 6: We register and set up the webmaster and the analytics of the Analytics ATS SEETS The Step suggests that the most important works on internal and technical optimization are already performed and the site can be opened for indexation. The site’s registration in Analysts systems: Google Metricagoogle Analyticsc with their help you can analyze the attendance of the web resource, behavioral characteristics, conversion and other useful parameters. Installing the counter is simple: just place a special code on the site. It will be good if at this stage it turns out to establish at least the main goals for converting conversions. Etap 7: We carry out external optimization of the site-this is the process of obtaining links to your website from external resources. It should be started after the complete completion of all basic internal works. At the dawn of the formation of the Internet and search engines, the reference factors were the strongest when calculating the ranking of sites. The more links from high -quality and authoritative documents leads to the page, the stronger it became in terms of PS. External links still have a great impact on the position of the web resource, but this optimization should now be much more careful due to the risk of imposing sanctions by PS (the Penguin filter in Google, Minusinsk at Google). Steel types of paid external links: lease exiles Links are temporarily rented at one of the exchanges, for example, SAPE, the link is active and it works while you pay for it, at any time it can be turned off. Plus this approach in flexibility, the ability to control your budget and reference mass, the cost of such links, as a rule, is low. Minus – low quality of donors resources and unnatural placement in the content (foot, sidbar, special link for links). Emergency links are paid one -time when buying and posted on the site “Forever”. Of course, they are called eternal very conditionally, since the owner of the site can delete them in a few years, stop paying hosting or selling the site to another person. Emergency links are better than rental due to the fact that they are placed in more natural places, as a rule, in thematic articles, have more user transitions, and a higher trust of donor sites. There are also minuses of eternal links, for example, if your site falls under the sanctions of the PS, it can be difficult to remove links from other people’s sites, moreover, if the donor falls under Sanctions, they can switch to the acceptor (the domain to which the link leads). At the same time, the cost of eternal links is significantly higher compared to rental. Craud is a linema lininkbuilding (building the link mass of the site), within which links to the site are affixed to various forums, questions and answers and in the comments on blogs. The links look as much as possible Naturally, good traffic can go to the site, but there are also difficulties. It is very difficult to engage in crowd marketing, since it is necessary to look for thematic sites, register accounts on them, fill the rating and number of messages to disguise themselves under an ordinary user, and only then You can start writing posts in which links will be placed. At the same time, there is always a risk that the moderator will calculate you and remove the link. Happiness, there are quite a lot of crowds with pumped accounts and experienced linkbuilders on the market. There are no exiles, the reference mass can also be obtained for free, we will list the main methods: registration in various directories and Catalogamation on the sites Ozzoviki Plane on social networks and on video chosengestrus-pay guest posts on various Internet resourceskaks choose good referring parameters when choosing donors: Visualization of the resource. The more visitors, the better. The pages of the pages in the index. A good donor should not have problems with indexing. The use of the purchased link on the page. The link should be appropriate and organically placed. DA (MOZ), DR (Ahrefs), TF (Majestic). Tematics. Try to choose links on thematic resources, or on adjacent topics. The rest of the donor’s sleepyness with links. Conscious and consistent execution of the steps of the instructions will help you achieve continuous growth of traffic and top-positions in search engines. But remember that the site development process should be continuous. It is necessary to constantly conduct analytics, look for “narrow” places and new growth points.

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