How to conduct Instagram to attract customers?

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  1. If you have a product/service that you want to sell, then you definitely need positive reviews, it will create an advantage to “Yes, I will buy here.” It is also important for potential customers to see that you have sales in principle, and many people already trust you, or at least are interested in your product/service. Chats of activity can help you with this. People from the chat activity will ask clarifying questions under your post: “Is there delivery to Kazan?” Or “What is the weight of this box?” etc. This will create good conditions for increasing the loyalty of your future customers. Naturally, you need to respond to these comments, and then your page will look like exemplary) Activity chats are free and safe support for your Instagram page. Since living people are in activity chats, they leave the comments alive, which is approved by Instagram algorithms. I want to warn you that you should not wind up likes and comments: 1) This will not bring you customers, 2) Instagram does not like bots and bottleous activity, and they can block the page for this. Also, chats are very effective, you can choose what level of activity you need, strengthen or leave it. Chats work like this: you send a link to the post. The assistant will send you the tasks of other participants, and after their implementation you will begin to receive activity under your post. You can also use not one chat, but several at once. They are proven, I can recommend it! We wish you success!

  2. When conducting Instagram, as in the maintenance of another social network, it is necessary to build trust. Do not try to introducely to sell right away, having not yet given anything to the client and without proving that you are an expert in what you are trying to sell. For example, GOPRO, which promotes cameras, shows not the product itself (cameras), but a bewitching video: and the SOKOL COFFEE coffee shop network gives customers that it draws their portraits on glasses: think about topics, interesting audiences, based on the analysis of its preferences, possible problems, objections. Your content should not just “plunge” the product, but to train customers, talk about the benefits that they will receive. Fill out and optimize the company’s profile as an effective tool for touching your customers. Make different formats for your publications. Carousel formats, IGTV, video increase coverage and involvement, as well as questions, voting, interactive in Stories. Let’s go more life hacks on the topic of using the product, useful tips that you want to save in bookmarks. Connect motivated traffic services such as IPWEB. The advertising campaign will help attract more subscribers to your account, which will contribute to the growth of trust and “social evidence”, especially if you have a young company or you are a novice entrepreneur. In addition, you can order separately likes, comments, preservations to increase the coverage and recognition of the brand: Instagram will show publication to a larger number of potential customers.

  3. All the same marketing techniques as in offline sales are relevant for sales on Instagram. This is the presence of USP, and rebuilding from competitors, and high -quality study of leads, launching shares and special offers. For sales through Instagram, it is necessary to attract your potential customers and hold the old ones. The methods for this are different: these are targeted advertising+retargeting, free promotion methods, advertising from bloggers and opinion leaders. So, how to keep a store instagram to sell? Information about the goods should be deployed, it is important that there are high -quality photos in the account. Make detailed video reviews of goods, describe the properties and characteristics. It is important to indicate the value of goods, since many people are very too lazy to ask you about the price in direct. The price allows you to immediately weed out those who will not buy your product. Interaction with the audience. Each user who comes to you must see that you are responsible for comments, the account should be alive, there must be activity. Even if you answer direct, write to the answer in the comment that you answered the client. In general, much depends on the niche. And if you are selling the services of a master, it is important that it is close to the audience. If a person did not like the master himself, he will not buy his service. It is important to consider this when working out content and positioning. The development of a personal brand, the history of the creation of the company, the idea and its philosophy – all this must be conveyed to a potential buyer. It is important to keep existing customers, because often their re -purchase will be cheaper for you to attract a new one.

  4. Your posts should be truly interesting for the audience. Just pictures from events or dry copy -release of a press release – not an option for an interesting profile that will attract customers. Take up to use only your materials, and not steal other people’s photos and upload typical photos from drains. In addition, do not lay out the same content several times, it will scare off customers.

  5. Posts need to be published every day. I will say from my own experience, if there is no post per day – people unsubscribe. Write correctly, be sure to put the hashtags, but do not overdo it, the photo should be of high quality and contain an interesting handout-story. Better contact the SMM agency, they will tell in detail there.

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