How old people are in Tik-Tok?

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  1. There are no exact numbers, since statistics shows only the gender and country of the subscriber. I think Tik-Tok does not specifically reveal the cards, since teenagers are in Tick-Tok, of course more. But an adult audience arrives there every day more and more. But I will say so, any account can develop in Tick-Tok and find an audience of suitable age there.

  2. Sitting everyone is not lazy. The number of users is growing, and with it the number of social groups, rebirths and class accessories. Now Tik Tok even overtook Instagram in some indicators and I think this will continue to grow. It will be appropriate to ask who does not sit in the tick current. There are not only young people, but also pensioners. Even official accounts of companies and representative offices appear. I think it’s time to think …

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