How many keywords should be in the text for SEO?

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  1. I recommend gradually forget about such a concept as SEO text. This concept directly signals that the text is not for people.
    I recommend using texts in the work of LSI, and there the keys bar is not limited by specific numbers, restriction only in the budget for the text and talent and hard work of a copywriting specialist.

  2. For the text, it is important that it is useful to the user, it is easily read and answered the maximum of possible questions that the user can come and which may appear during the process on the page of your site.

    As for precisely the number of keywords, it does not matter at all.

    It is important that you use synonyms in the text, so that the text meets LSI standards. In itself, the entry of keys does not matter, but it is important that the words of your queries of interest to you are present in the text at least once and not necessarily whole phrases. It is important how the headers H1-H2-H3 are written.

    If you write the text structured and useful for people, you may not worry about keywords.

  3. Firstly, you need to pay attention to the text itself. Now search engines are very developed and immediately lower sites where the text is written not for visitors, but for search robots. That is, the text is unreadable, and a bunch of key phrases are shocked into it, supposedly to increase in the issuance. Secondly, key phrases should not be more than 2-5 for the entire text.

  4. There is no single answer to this question. The texts should be not so much optimized as readable and interesting for the audience. You can raise the site to high positions on some behavioral factors. Moreover, the algorithms of search engines today work in such a way that similar key requests on relevant topics are selected for you even in the absence of a large number of keys in the text. Take up to write interesting texts. Key words in them will involuntarily be used in large quantities.

  5. Very not accurate raising the question. Depends on the topics, requests for which an article and competition is written. Sometimes articles from 1000 characters fall into the top, and some topics need sheets from 3,000 characters. We recommend that you look at the issuance according to the necessary requests and determine which texts are in the top.

  6. In order for the text not to be considered too spammer, the density of entering the text of the keywords should be about 3%. The exact number of the key. It is difficult to determine words, here you need to look at the volume of the proposed text. You can also analyze the texts of competitors. It is worth remembering that one key. The request should be in the heading/subtitle and it must be taken into account when compiling TK for texts.

  7. The method of trial and error found that the most positive reaction from the search engines receive texts in which the density of the entry of keywords is no more than 4-5%. Subject to these values, the page will be considered the most relevant request for which it is optimized. In this case, you need to not forget to follow the other words. Though they … Read more

  8. The exact number of keywords in the text for SEO optimization of the site can be absolutely anything! It all depends on the number of requests for which you want to promote this page in search engines. Naturally, the more different keywords and phrases you use on the page, the more key requests for which this web page of your site can … read more

  9. Maybe not at all. The ranking of the page on request is not determined only by the text on this page. There were quite successful experiments with the anchors of external and even internal links that determined the connection of the page with a given keyword.
    In any case, I recommend using at least a couple of direct entities of the marker key in content (for example, in the title and heading), otherwise … Read more

  10. As a rule, the number of keywords per text each SEO specialist determines in its own way. Someone analyzes the issuance of themselves, someone uses third-party services (for example, pixeltuls, serpstat, etc.). Now I am increasingly meeting orders, where there are three keywords on the text of 2000-2500 characters. Plus additional words that ask the theme.
    There is also tactics when the keys are on the page … Read more

  11. The number of keywords and phrases depends on several factors:

    1. The subject. In some subject, there will be a lot of keys, in some literally 2-3. For example, household appliances are a popular theme for requests, so Wordstat will give a lot of keywriters, and the principle of operation of the nuclear reactor is already less popular, and there will be much less options for requests.
    2. Technical … Read more

  12. A very good question. To begin with, I’ll say right away, there is no clear number of keywords that should be in the article … there may be three keys, or maybe thirty, it all depends on the wishes and the skill of the copywriter. But it is necessary that it is readable, not to be disrupted, so 1000 characters up to ten keys are usually.
    About the keys, initially you need to know for sure and analyzed … Read more

  13. First you need to decide on the wording – what is a “keyword”. By and large, each phrase is a keyword if you intend to look for anything with its help in the search engine.

    In general, modern PS algorithms work in such a way that it is better not to think about keywords when creating content at all. You should think about the user who will be … Read more

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