How can I independently check the quality of the stretch film?

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  1. To check the quality of the stretch, you do not need a laboratory or special equipment. The main characteristics can be evaluated without them, with the help of simple improvised means. For stretch, the ability to stretch and reverse stretch is important. The ability to stretch is determined by the Prefreich indicator. It is indicated as a percentage. It determines how much the length of the canvas should increase during the packaging winding. For a manual stretch, the Premium is usually 100-150%, for a machine more than 200%. Check this indicator is simple – you need to stretch the canvas so that it lengthen the set value. In a stretched state, the material is examined. It should remain strong and elastic, there should be no signs of uneven thinning or ruptures on the canvas. The Prefreich directly affects the consumption of the material and how economical the packaging will turn out. When buying a stretch, it is important to check that the declared nasal corresponds to the actual. The quality film should be strong, resistant to break and random puncture. The strength for the gap is checked, uniting 1 m of the material and stretching in accordance with the declared Nandraich. It is pulled horizontally, the ends are fixed. They begin to evenly lay out the load on the canvas, evaluating what weight it withstands without gap. The resistance to the puncture is easy to check if you put a sharp bulging object on the package surface. It can be a corner, bracket, bolt. After that, the winding is performed as usual and check whether the bulgeing object will tear the film. The member of the stretch is that after stretching, if the load disappears, the canvas returns the initial dimensions. Due to this, the material “wrappers” tightly and fixes objects inside group packaging, and also allows to fix goods on pallets. To evaluate the reverse stretch, you need to release the stretched canvas. Without load, its dimensions should decrease almost to the original. To evaluate the holding strength and make sure that the material will reliably fix the load on the pallet, you need to perform the winding as usual. The pallet is installed on the horizontal floor, and then slightly lifted on one side. To do this, you can put a bar under one of its edges. If the glass-film is high-quality, it will reliably hold the load, and the packaging will not stretch and will not deform. After the winding, the free end of the stretch should stick on its previous layer. This occurs due to the properties of self -aviation and allows you not to use glue, adhesive tape or other additional materials when packaging. You can check the self -gum by twisting a small piece of the canvas in the tourniquet. It is necessary to evaluate how it will keep in shape. If the film is of high quality, the tourniquet will hardly straighten up. The employees of our company also recommend evaluating what the film looks like. The roll should be even, tightly wound. The canvas of the material should be plain and homogeneous, without extraneous interspersed, with the same gloss over the entire surface.

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