Does the concept of the work of the graphic designer fall under the concept of “case”?

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  1. It all depends on how you give your design result and why do you need it. I am inclined to the position that it is always better to talk about my work exactly the cases. So you have the opportunity to immerse the viewer in the context and show your project more meaningfully and deeply.
    Another thing is that not in all places it is appropriate to lay out long explanations and make a case from the only picture is also at least strange (although the situations are different, you may have a divine picture). You can offer the following algorithm: collect all the artifacts while working and make a more or less long coherent story about what you did. From this case, select the most striking, successful and understandable moments and show them separately where the format requires this. So you get different types of content and do not spend too much time.
    For a good case and an interesting story, I recommend collecting accompanying materials – sketches, ideas, mudboards, palettes and so on while working on the project, in the future, this will give your story a depth and show you as a professional.

  2. It is worth making out the concept – case. First of all, the case is a real case, the situation taken from practice, where this or that task was solved, which led to the result. The result of the work of the graphic designer is some kind of graphic product that was based on some kind of theoretical idea. This theoretical idea was based on the task of the customer. Following the logical chain, the finished work of the graphic designer falls under the concept of “case”.

  3. I think it all depends on the presentation. If you simply put up the work, let’s say on the site or your page on the social network, without description and introductory information – then, of course, this is not a case. And if you described the task that you solved with your work (for example,? You needed to draw a character for children’s dentistry) told in which way they decided and why (for example, you decided to use calm colors, but a very multiple look that the children look at the character, or add the character of the red hair, because it should cause a feeling of joy, brightness) Then we can talk about the case. In the case, you say to the specifics what the task was, how you solved it, for what time with what labor costs. After reading this – a potential client will understand and approximately in his head will figure out if he wants to cooperate with you.

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