Do people realize that humanity is in a spiritual impasse called the market?

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  1. And how are the issues of spirituality and the market related? With the same success, one can discuss the connection of shamanism in the north and the prices of the grain market … But! If you understand by spirituality, for example, willingness to helplessly help the weak, sick, unlucky …. , you need to have 2) a lot of people from the market system of business (not to be confused with government officials and “particularly close managers”), even show business, willingly sacrifice. Inquire the biography of the deceased, unfortunately, already Vladislav Tetyukhin.

  2. Weird question. For some reason, a person speaks of himself “we” … He has worms? 🙂 The author of the question, maybe something there is “realized”. And if he feels in the “spiritual (with a capital letter) dead end” – then you need to turn to the brain right. And the devil knows what the market has to do with it. I go to the market for food and goods. Why did the author of the question take to look for “spirituality” there – it is difficult for me to understand.

  3. This issue has been resolved a long time ago, long before Marxism. The market is a temporary phenomenon that exists for only one goal, redistribute resources from the “feudal lords” to people who will build a world with a new economic and social model. The basis will be liberalism, democratic elections, social orientation and planning, the Unified Directorate of the Army and the Police.

  4. Not that a completely dead end, but it often interferes with development. Market competition is not needed and harmful in a situation where production processes are long known and standardized. Therefore, the place of private business, which best ensures the development of society (including spiritual development) – only in innovation. Accordingly, the way out of the “dead end” is very simple – the nationalization of all enterprises where innovations are not introduced.
    In particular, it would be useful to nationalize the entire trade in widespread goods. This would take away the fat from the traders, who are dumbfounded in brazen prices, and would force those who want to earn a lot, do something more complicated and probably more useful for society.

  5. “Spirituality” is “a property of the soul, consisting in the predominance of spiritual, moral and intellectual interests over material”, the consciousness of a person, his psyche and belonging to the church belongs to it. The market is a category of commodity farming, a set of economic relations based on regular exchange operations between manufacturers of goods (services) and consumers. The exchange occurs on a voluntary basis in the form of equivalent exchange of goods for money (trade) or goods for goods (barter). Thus, in order to maintain spirituality, you need to go for food to the market.

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