Can an Internet provider see the sites that you visit through Tor or VPN?

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  1. Logging of visited sites with a probability of 98% is always included. And this means that your provider sees your every gestation in the open spaces of Darknet. They are simply obliged to lead these logs, because They are obliged by the law and the FSB. Any means of communication are connected to the so-called SORM (system of operational-search measures), this is a relic from the Soviet era, but nevertheless to this day does not lose its relevance and efficiency. If you are engaged in illegal affairs from your home computer, no matter how trite it looks, will be conceived according to IP. Dynamic, statistical? Spit. Your iron has an identification number that leaves an imprint on a TOI or another site. Keep in mind that you cannot achieve complete anonymity through Tor and other VPN services. Attackers use other ways, but of course I won’t tell you about them. Well, if in short, then yes, the provider in any case will see the sites that you visited. With Tor, he just needs some time to find out what kind of site.

  2. The Gababrielvpn answers – from the English word Virtual Private Network, which means virtual private networks. In fact, in the global network today, channels are created between two points or many to one, where all traffic is encrypted by various algorithms, while the encryption and password method is consistent with the initialization of the channel to create the encryption key. Throughout the session, all traffic from the country, including the provider, is defined as a VPN tunnel. The content of this tunnel is not known. At the expense of the signature: each program, in a computer that interacts from the network, has its own port, protocol, heading. Here on this reason you can determine which applications work on a specific device, they can be many (Whatsup, Firefox, Outlook, Chrome …) and systems can distinguish traffic and sort it. But this is not connected with the VPN. The tunnel is initially encrypted and all these applications work already inside the tunnel, and no one can determine them. The provider can only interrupt the tunnel, or block the port that is used to create a tunnel. (But in such cases there is a medicine) 🙂 To determine you have a tunnel or not, it is enough to go to any site that shows your external IP if it differs from the provider that issued you, then you are a tunnel. (You can check, before connecting the VPN and connection on time). For example:

  3. The maximum is responsible for the VPN, but how do you understand the connection of these nodes, if necessary, and send the appropriate requests for the provision of all the data (especially in VPN, whose services do not support illegal actions through their networks and provide complete assistance to the authorities) or collect some kind of somewhat data from other sources (the same search engines or your software on the PC -antivirus, operating system) – it will be able to, and the very fact of using VPN networks that are unreadable to such an extent can derive your identity and put anonymity, therefore, in addition to using Tor is important to think about the general anonymity and unique of your user, but also to remember – it all depends on how much you will need people who will look for you, now the wrong century of technology and the level of protection of personal data when you transferred a pair of VPN and sit “Pentagon” without consequences. But the Internet provider, of course, will not be able to himself nothing above to make a little powers, but it’s better not to do anything “bad”, we will make the world better or at least a smaller scam in it we will leave it)

  4. Responsible Dranevvseo depends on the VPN service provider. If this is a popular and reliable service – all traffic will be encrypted 128 or 256 bit key. Your Internet provider will see that your PC/router receives a request to a specific server (VPN service provider server) and everything, your provider will not be able to find out anything else. You have chosen a reliable service, not the one in the basement of A neighbor stands a server and everything is done according to the instructions with YouTube 🙂

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