Can a teenager become an Internet marketer?

I am 13 years old. Starting next year I want to find a job. Now I am studying at free Google courses with certification. Will they take me at the age of 14 for such a position?

What do you think?

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  1. You have a year to develop cases. Offer your environment products that are interesting to you and which will help them. Do from the bottom of heart, remove fear and uncertainty.
    You will succeed!
    With cases (in a year, or maybe earlier) go to the frelance exchange exchanges, enter into telegram chats (dial – vacancies, freelance, a bunch of options in telegrams). Make a cool selling offer – emphasize your age, do it by force. “Yes, I have so much and I have already helped so much in that and Tom. Here are my cases, are ready to go in growth with me?” I believe in you! Successful take -off!

  2. Good afternoon! Maybe I will answer a little rudely, but still: I, as a certified marketing specialist, is wild that many consider this sphere simple and open to everyone already from the school bench. Marketing is not easy to “click on” and configure advertising. This is analytics, and building a sales funnel, and knowledge of other important aspects, including the segmentation of the target audience and the rules for maintaining advertising campaigns. Therefore, I think the market is full of grief specialists who do not know the foundations and neglect promotion. Of course, your desire to work is great, but I advise you to start not with courses, but with higher education in order to grow in a full -fledged specialist.

  3. Do not think about whether they will take you or not. Start to try to promote yourself. Use all possible tools, the system of hypotheses, a marketer without practice, few people need it, even if you are 13 or 31. If you can promote yourself, as many bloggers have done, they have missed all the marketing processes through themselves, you will no longer have to look for work, it yourself I will find. I produces bloggers, we look for and check the hypotheses each time, today one thing is working, but the most important thing is to go on the checklist so as not to keep everything in my head … For each niche, highlight the best ways to extract leads, then pound For these “pain points”, while they work, while studying and looking for others, who will master more tools, and the more niches it will be possible to make the results, it will be the most popular. Turn yourself, try to work out on others inexpensively, don’t even try to work for free, you will stop respecting yourself, but for an inexpensive, until you get a practice, otherwise if you pull the price tag, you will not make a result, then they will not be respected and the negative review will leave you any other. Make the site on and fill out information about your successes there, after a year of everyday work it can already be a lot of things to show any employer, and they will already appreciate your efforts and offer to work on self -employment. The main thing is that all customers in marketers value when They do not distract from issues, does not engage in “brainstream” and approvals, but simply bring results in a certain period of time!

  4. You can certainly become! Whether they will take it to the position – also quite likely. If there is interest in this topic, then it is better to get acquainted with entrepreneurs or marketers and ask for something to help them in marketing. Most likely, these will be small tasks, but the main thing is to manifest itself, try to do the maximum. You can find entrepreneurs in different ways, you can at least approach drivers of expensive cars and ask who they work, tying further dialogue. You can ask your parents to introduce you to some kind of entrepreneur, or other adults: teachers, neighbors, bartenders in a cafe, etc. You can write in social networks in a personal honestly describing the situation, age, initiative with courses and determination – your huge advantages now. And it is better to work with several entrepreneurs to see how everything is arranged from different points of view, to work with different people. Att that you have to make contacts, to make good relations with entrepreneurs at this stage. And check your interest, whether you really like marketing or you will want to specialize in some other direction.

  5. Hi, I’m sure you can. If there is such a clear goal (for which respect and respect) – then the result will be. Try out, knock on young startups, in the Djal-agencies (for example, from the Tagline list) with the aim of getting an internship-I think they’ll take it somewhere. And after the internship in the agency, whose name is by ear, it will already be easier to take the first step. I did exactly 25 years ago – I went to work couriers at the Y&R advertising agency, then the internship and after a normal position))

  6. Look for agencies and startups, where the main leadership are specialists under the age of about 25 years; In this case, your chances of employment (or at least for internships) will be much higher. Come on to choose one or two directions within the framework of Internet marketing and actively pump in it for a year so that there are some cases or you could offer fresh creative ideas With good potential. And daily follow the current agenda, since now everything is changing too quickly.

  7. Everything’s possible. For a marketer, 2 things are important: experience and what result can do. I recommend working on these things. In addition, being an Internet marketer is not only a work in the state. Recently answered a similar question in Kew, shared his experience here.
    P.S. And, yes, never listen to those who say that you cannot. It seems to be banal motivation, but … read more

  8. You can, but it is better to develop the original skills and skills. Be sure to train negotiation skills with people and working with different tools. To begin with, I would recommend that I get an assistant in any digital agency. Just watch how communication with customers is inside projects, hierarchy, work process and write down what people bring money for 🙂
    And so … Read more

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