Are you not afraid of death?

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  1. Two years ago, the fear of death was, even this is not quite a fear, and unwillingness to leave the earthly plan, I could not come to terms with the fact that one day I would leave this world and could no longer participate in it, I love life for the process itself, opportunities, create, communicate, explore, learn, study, acquire, help, rejoice, act, be useful, take care, love. Then I had a dream, I had a choice to hide from the rapist and live in fear that he would find me or die here and Now from his hand. My choice was to die, I stood in front of a man who wished my death, at that moment I did not regret anything, stood and watched how he would do it, he went up and killed, oddly enough, the spit, in the head. An incomprehensible state and then I began to walk in a thin body in another dimension. The city, streets, buildings were all, only the body passed through the walls, windows, doors. After sleep, I took up self -knowledge, self -study, studied a lot and talked with many, destroyed old beliefs, stereotypes, got rid of phobias and dependencies, excessive emotions, studied, studied. And she experienced all the processes related to sensations, feelings, influences, meditated, introduced herself into self -hypnosis and observed how the thought, condition on the body and what happens in the body at that moment. I was amazed at the results that we are inherent in us, what we do not use, which we do not know, we do not suspect how useful it is, it is worth it and is in every knowledge. I will become a good cloth with the migest answers, why be afraid of the inevitable. There is no fear itself, the unwillingness to leave this world remains, I just became different, the desire to move and develop became big, relatives, friends, acquaintances, every moment of stay here and now has become much more valuable. Break yourself, no one for you, no one for you will do it. All good and peace.

  2. My experience is close to what Olga Kolodkin wrote. Only my experience was a car accident in the forehead when I myself was very close to death. And also the remnants of the fear of death disappeared. Even the pain has become less significant. In the fairy tales “1001 night” among many epithets of death in different circumstances, one finally began to sound meaningfully: “And she came to him, a great deliverer.”

  3. Death – No, I’m not afraid. After all, people die differently, someone quickly and painlessly, someone for a long time and painfully. I don’t know how God will determine me, the meaning is to be afraid ahead of time? Maybe God will be merciful to me, and the angel will extract me from me so that I will not even feel anything? Or maybe I will gladly jump out of myself when I see him? Or maybe life will become so unbearable that I will meet him as a deliverer? Many options …. And the transition itself there does not scare me at all.

  4. If there were no fear, we would not have lived a day. Fear is a protection mechanism. The mechanism that is at the level of unconscious inclusions. Nature did not entrust this to the head, since it is a surrender tool. It works automatically, regardless of what we think and what we want. The question is how adequate this fear is. If there is no real threat – but there is fear, then this is a reinsurance. She says that there is in the past when it was integrated and now the background about and without. The fear of death is simply not out of the blue. It’s just that a person does not understand what this fear actually is. Because it is subconscious. But he can interfere with life very much. Life and death are two sides of one medal. If there is a “charged” fear of death, then a person’s concept of life is “charged”. That is, a person can neither live fully nor die. He is somewhere between. There is always stress. Therefore, you can’t relax and go completely into life, and suddenly something happens there and die. A person pumps this tension. As a result, he can live so many years. This does not improve his condition and his life, but it is scary to release tension. Suddenly I will stop being afraid and that’s it – I will die! In fact, this is an illusion. But at a subconscious level, this looks like a surrender state. And only from the fact that once in the past this “charge” was formed in one single situation. But the experience is now phonit for everything and on all cases – as a fact that I can die. When you find and settled the tension between life and death, then the state is aligned. A person can live more fully and does not steam for no reason about death. But it must be taken into account that there are many more nuances about death. It happens in fact, when we deal with the cause of the fear of death, this is a fear not to die. Which creates an even stronger stress. Suddenly it will be unbearably painful, but I can’t die. It may be fear that nothing will remain after me – also a way not to die symbolically. It can be guilt to loved ones that I will leave them, let me down, give up. This may be responsibility for the feelings of loved ones. They will suffer. This may be responsibility for the life of others. For example: children, parents, relatives. How they will live without me. Especially if they are not independent. It may be the fear of the unknown – and what is there when I die – what will I feel, what will happen to me, where I will go, how I am there alone in this unknown. It may be fear of suffering. If there is an association of death through illness, injuries, pain. Plus, our very concept of death has a negative message. Death is bad. This is scary. It blows mourning, grief, suffering. To be afraid to talk about it. It’s all the more scary to touch this. Many prejudices are connected with this. Although in fact death is the same process as birth. If people stop dying, they will cease to be born. Oddly enough, everyone has their own nuances of fear of death. Therefore, we can only talk about superficial causes. Everyone at the roots of them as fingerprints are different. It’s normal to be afraid of death. This allows you to live and survive. It is worth settling the inadequate fear of death, which is phonit in moments when there is no real threat.

  5. Science suggests that most adults are not afraid of death itself, but to suffer before death or feel fear for the life of loved ones who may remain helpless after their death. But the latest events associated with the pandemia of Covid bring many additional issues. Vaccinations that are created are vaccinations not from infection with the virus, but from death from the virus. But people around the world are in no hurry to do them by goodwill. And this suggests that he is not very afraid of death and suffer before death. On the other hand, it is even scary to imagine that in the world there can be so many people with hidden suicidal intentions.

  6. If you ask the well -fed whether he is afraid of hunger, then of course you will receive a non -reliable answer, I would say you will receive a false answer. All those who are not ready for death are afraid of death. Death is not just to die, it is to lose life. If a person has something to lose in this world, then he is afraid of death, and even if he says that he is not afraid. This question needs to be asked those whose life hangs on a thread: are you afraid of death? No! – the second responds and cuts the thread with scissors, which holds it over the abyss. Represent that you are poisoned with something, the head is split, you can’t get out of bed, the pillow is petrified, the breath has become more frequent. Are you afraid of death at this moment? No! And then what are you lying and not getting up? I think that the person who cannot be broken, tied to bed, see in line in the clinic is not afraid of death, for death is a complete lack of life in the human body!

  7. It seems to me that everyone is one or another afraid of death. It is considered a sacrament, and this is the main event in the life of every person. But to be afraid of death and being prepared for her is not the same thing. The blond fathers say that a person is designed to expect death, how the bride is waiting for the bride. And the apostle Paul writes: “For me, life is Christ, and death is acquisition” (Phil. 1:21). Nobody will pass the death. Even if God for the sake of love for us and for the sake of our salvation passed it, then we can with his help. And yet. Memory of death helps a lot in spiritual life. “Remember your last one – and you can’t sin the forever,” says the Prophet (Sir. 7:39).

  8. Indeed, many do not even want to think about death. The World Book EncyClopedia encyclopedia says: “Many are afraid of death and replace the idea of ​​it.” This fear is actually a fear of unknown, since death is a secret for many.
    Each person is somewhat afraid of death and tries to save his life. However, reckless fear … Read more

  9. Only insane is not afraid of death. Death is a great and terrible moment in human life. Akin to him is only the birth. But at the time of birth, a person is not able to understand what happened to him, since his mind has not yet been formed.
    Then, as death, a person perceives not as something abstract, but as a very specific completion of his own life. And excites … Read more

  10. Not afraid. Such is our faith, in our picture of the world we gain the monastery in the house of the Heavenly Father, where we will be in grace, until Jesus “again comes with the glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will not be the end.” Such a transition to a new, unknown state, in which, perhaps, there are charms.
    I’m sorry about her, let’s say so. I would like in this world … Read more

  11. After the premature and tragic death of the child, the fear of death simply dissipated, although it used to be a place to be, and very strong. Now there is a fear of excruciating death and the fear of premature death, which to take the opportunity to finish everything that is necessary here. The very fact of such a close, heavy acquaintance with death in my case, as if destroyed that wall … Read more

  12. Well, of course I want to live, but I don’t feel fear of death. For many years I worked in the judicial medical morgue (!) And I deduced the formula: daily communication with the inevitable, makes it not terrible))) In general, there is no need to be afraid of death, you need to treat it respectfully. For example, waking up in the morning, you need to quickly think over one idea: someday I will die, duck … Read more

  13. It is strange, probably, to be afraid of what is written in our genetic code for almost hundreds of thousands of years 🙂 … What is the point of being afraid of what 100% of the rest of the past have passed before you? Nevertheless, I sometimes catch myself thinking that I am afraid. I’m afraid. There were periods in life when I was very afraid of death. In youth, in adolescence. Not that I’m constantly … Read more

  14. No. I am afraid of painful death. We will die anyway. We can take risks, because all the same in the next world, our whole fate has already been painted; And when we die too. The idea of ​​life in life. In sensations, for purposes, in prosperity … Live brightly! Try everything in life! (Well, that is, of course not drugs, or to sit there in prison, but … we ourselves build our lives!)

  15. It seems to me those who are afraid of death should not give life, i.e. Produce children. Because life and death are going nearby, it is inevitable. However, they are given birth and agree that every day of human life brings him closer to death. Why talk about it when it’s too late? And you yourself will die, and your children, but you knew about it in advance and could change the course of things, not give life.

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