And what is happening with the outdoor advertising market now? Fall, stagnation, or is it all right?

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  1. Responing the Litvinovarynka outdoor advertising, of course, fell. Today, more and more entrepreneurs want to make advertising on the Internet than the outside. Since it is more effective. But this does not mean that outdoor advertising is completely completely disappeared, no. After all, still people need signs, someone to update the sign, someone needs a new one, as the institution opened, etc.

  2. According to AdMetrix research, in 2020, the outer advertising market fell by more than a quarter in sales (25.5% compared to a year earlier). The reasons for this are understandable – coronavirus restrictions on the second quarter and, as a result, the transfer of placements to the second half of the year, however, at this time the fall was in the region of 25% (which is better than the fall by 50% in the second quarter, but also does not draw to the pre -crisis level). At the moment, the outer advertising market continues to fever, but two main trends have already been outlined: consolidation and enlargement of the main players (RUSS Outdoor, number one on the market bought third and fourth players), the growth of purchases of carriers from the real estate market (for example, 30% of all Sunlight Outdoor accommodation in Moscow was purchased by 2021 builders-builders). Although, according to GroupM forecasts, the growth of the outer advertising market is planned by 4%, current trends show the beginning of market complications (with the current execution of the forecast), since the reduction The purchasing power of the population forces advertisers to look for more profitable types of advertising with a lower cost. The end of the preferential mortgage can also have an adverse effect on the outer advertising market, as it can cause departure from advertisers of developers due to a sharp decrease in demand for their proposals.

  3. You have already received the ADMETRIX company research, so I’ll add only as an actual advertiser and PRAR as the following: the outer advertising market has become a minimum for not one year, compared to other advertising tools. You can even understand the arguments and facts without the help of specialists. Let us dwell on the main thing. Advertising is perceived according to the two main components: a) visualization; b) Information. Early advertising is mainly visualization, because it is quite difficult to catch the information while driving or looking under the foot, walking along the sidewalk. Only an imprint of letters and colors is postponed … that is, visualization. But! What shields with outdoor advertising did we usually choose? That’s right, those that are in places of traffic jams, parking lots, etc. In general, where a person can really raise his head and see. But we, in the modern world, now look at gadgets at such moments .. social. Networks, messengers, mail, etc. Shields became “ghosts.” We live a “nose on the phone.” Therefore, there is no need to talk even about stagnation in megacities. The fall! And this is only the beginning! The outdoor advertising market will no longer return. How many of us would love live advertising, promoters, outdoors and all such an interesting and familiar system, the most relevant and effective way at the moment is the Internet. Although it is approached from the point of view of competent PR ( Not even advertising), I would advise optimizing and resorting to a complex of tools. And for “determining and designating the location” external advertising is a good assistant.

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