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  1. Good afternoon! More recently, I wrote an article on the topic “Books on Marketing, which should be read.” In this list – only those publications that I read myself and can recommend. The works of Alexander Levitas, Philip Kotler, Maxim Ilyakhov, Phil Barden and other authors are presented there. I hope they will be useful to you:

  2. Paco Anderchill “Why are we buying, or how to make you buy” (the results of video surveillance of customers in supermarkets). Barry Schwartz “Paradox of choice. Why“ more ”means“ less ”(why everything loses from comparison). Mary Belyi, Bonnie Ulman “Mommies for trillion dollars. Marketing solutions for conquering hearts and wallets ”(the authors of the book themselves and marketers and mothers themselves consider the theory of generations and offer solutions for segmentation based on the age of the children, and not their mothers). Mart Barlett, the preface of Tom Peters“ How are women buy? How marketing for women differs from marketing for men ”(gender marketing model, practical actions, strategies and tactics). The“ propaganda ”of Bereneis is already called @Ivan Pakulin, I will add two more classical works – Gustav Lebon“ Psychology of Peoples ”and “Psychology of the masses” (“The crowd is not directed to those who give it evidence, but to those who give it the illusion that is seducing her”).

  3. I recommend reading books on the “base” because the mechanics and marketing tools are now changing so quickly that the books are losing relevance even before they went to the publishing house. And understanding the basic principles and rules of marketing, you can easily master the skill in practice, instead of reading instructions. Therefore, the classic. For example, the “propaganda” of Bereneis.
    I also note that psychology, sociology and other close or applied topics can be added to marketing books. Naturally, as in the case of laborer on marketing, it is fundamental, and not one -day)

  4. Classic from Philip Kotler, books of the same Igor Mann as a “base”, and then you need to understand what exactly you need right now in marketing and get this knowledge, cases, ideas and someone else’s experience from various sources, and not just from books, which can be written much longer than the “topic” is relevant in the market. I won’t write my own books, somehow immodest, and not for me as an author to evaluate their quality and level))) But at least I write quickly)

  5. The question is quite extensive so that 3-5 books can be issued. Why? Because marketing is the same discipline as the economy. Advise the best books on the economy? Speaking specifically: 1) “Fundamentals of Marketing” Philippe Kotler.2) “Differentiate or die“ Jack Trout3) ”22 non -incomprehensible marketing laws“ Jack Trout4) “The Strategy of the Blue Ocean” Chan Kim, Rene Moborn5) ” Psychology of influence “Robert Chaldini6)” First -class service “John Showetot The list does not end, but in general – these books will give an understanding of the basics of marketing.

  6. 10 books for pumping a marketer, context, SMM, target – this is about marketing. Driving in the selected direction, do not forget to develop. Several books will definitely help to form marketing thinking. 1. Robert Chaldini “Psychology of influence” is what is useful? Form sentences that will cling. 2. Philip Kotler “Fundamentals of Marketing” is what is useful? There are explanations of all concepts in this book: from market segmentation to sales stimulation. 3. Chan Kim and Rene Moborn “The Strategy of the Blue Ocean” is what is useful? An interesting approach to market evaluation and competitors, as well as the choice of a niche in which it is worth working. 4. Maria Solodar “Voronka Sales on the Internet” What is useful? After reading, you will understand how to tie all digital tools to the system in order to get a maximum result. 5. Maxim Ilyakhov and Lyudmila Sarycheva “Write, reduce. How to create a strong text” What is it useful? Everywhere content, all around. Write so that you are read! 6. Anna Shust “Text that sells goods, service or brand” What is useful? And this is about social networks. There are other texts: with a call to action and emotions. Learn to work for involvement. 7. Igor Ashmanov and Andrei Ivanov “Optimization and promotion of sites in search engines” How is it useful? Authors of the book in an understandable language tell about the principles of ranking sites in search engines. 8. Denis Savelyev, Evgenia Kryukov “100+ khakov for Internet marketing. How to get traffic and convert it into sales” What is it useful? In the book title, all answers are more than 100 practical techniques to obtain traffic and convert it into sales. 9. Jim Collins “from the good to the Great” what is useful? Take it and act, or why do some get everything, while others have no results. And this is not only about business. 10. Karl Sewell and Paul Brown “Clients for Life” What is useful? Practical marketing guide, merchandising and organizing the work of the enterprise. Summary is the best way to success!

  7. Of course, I assume that they are now thrown with stones … but I risk it) I found a wonderful channel on YouTube Bukich. In it, in half an hour they tell in the style of comics the content of books. Show the juice itself! The time for one book is an average of 20-30 minutes.
    A lot of reviews on marketing books. Look. I often use it. You can get acquainted with its content before reading a book.

  8. The essence of marketing is a game on the behavioral factors of people. Accordingly, first of all, it would be desirable to know the basis of the motives of people’s actions. To do this, I recommend:
    1. Laroshfuko “Maxima”
    2. Baltasar Gracian “Pocket Oracle”
    3. Robert Chaldini:
    – “Psychology of belief”
    – “Psychology of influence”
    – “Psychology of consent”
    4. The film “I and others”, USSR, 1971. This is just a bomb.
    5. About the motives of people’s actions and the diversity of their characters highly recommend all the works of Honore de Balzac. This is an encyclopedia of human souls, which means this is a chic assistant in the ability to sell, because let’s not forget that a marketer is also a certain “seller.” Strategies of marketing:
    1. Sun Zi “Treatise on War”
    2. All books are co -authored by Jack Trauta and El Rice, as well as everything that you will find on marketing from Jack Traut himself. He is very powerfully digging into the strategy.
    3. “Hunting for a cynical buyer”, Jonathan Bond and Richard Kirshenbaum
    4. Edward Bernies “Crystallization of public opinion”, this is a brilliant mixture of marketing and PR.
    Kotler “Fundamentals of Marketing”. The book has one feature for which it should be read: everything that was written there has already happened or happened in the United States 40 years ago, and it still only reaches us. Therefore, in many places this book is stupid prophetic for domestic marketing. The book is somewhere dry and heavy, so for the best assimilation it, keep a link to the powerful video division of each chapter separately Everything is disassembled by a practitioner, meticulous and with examples from practice, and not as it is now fashionable “Book for 800 pages in 7 minutes.” A lot of reviews about this analysis of the book See here:
    By marketing tactics:
    1. All books of Claude Hopkins and David Ogilvi
    By the art of sales:
    1. Book Ziga Ziglah “Secrets of conclusions of transactions.” This is a kind of encyclopedia of the main objections of customers and examples of how to work with them.
    Just read, you will not regret it:
    1. Vance Packard “Secret Driven”, just sorry, you will not regret it.
    2. Thomas Hein “Total Packaging”

  9. The most remembered for all the time:
    – “The route is built” Ilya Balakhnin. Many basics of marketing, the book puts marketing thinking in order. He returned to this small book by once.
    – “Think slowly … decide quickly” Daniel Caneman. About how all people think and make decisions, in favor of which they make a choice.
    – The Law of Successful Innovations Cleiton Kristensen. Gives a good confusion to understand how to create products that people need.

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